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Ulloa proposes creating a single customs territory for the region



Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa

Vice President of El Salvador Felix Ulloa

The Vice President of El Salvador has proposed a mechanism to facilitate trade between countries in the region, facilitate the import and export of products by its companies, and avoid transportation difficulties between countries. Salvadoran officials’ proposal was made known at a meeting between the vice presidents of Guatemala’s Northern Triangle.

The Vice President of the Republic, Felix Uroa, met with Guatemalan Vice President Guillermo Castillo and Honduran Presidential Representative Doris Gutierrez to “explain” the need to approve the deep integration he is promoting. Officials would promote the creation of a “single customs territory” that would allow the sector to resolve transportation issues.

State officials met in Guatemala within the framework of a meeting of members of the Guatemalan National Transport Coordinator (CNT).

When the political structure of the Tegucigalpa Protocol was developed, the vision was not all-encompassing. Vice President of the Republic Felix Ulloa

Trifinio region.

Carlos Vides, President of the Board of Directors of the CNT, made proposals to strengthen the transport policy of the Trifinio region and submitted a document aimed at making it easier to move products between countries.

Three officials have agreed to follow up on the matter, according to information released by the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador.

Central American Union.

Vice President Ulloa has been pushing Central America “from integration to integration” in recent months, and in this context, at the LVI regular meeting of the Central American Integration System (SICA) heads of state and governments, the treaty document was constitutive. proposed to be. Because the Central American Union is in the hands of the general secretary of that regional organization.


Vice President Ulloa said at a regional union meeting in August 2022 that when the Tegucigalpa Protocol was formulated, the vision was not comprehensive.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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