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TSE considers changes to 2024 election calendar for Salvadorans abroad



The formation of foreign electoral rolls may be shorter.

The formation of foreign electoral rolls may be shorter.

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has approved a temporary clause approved by the Legislative Assembly to extend the time period Salvadorans have to change their addresses abroad in order to revise election dates and general election plans (Plagel). Analyze possible impacts and impacts on electoral rolls.

The provision allows you to update your address 90 days before the 2024 election. He extended it for another nine months. According to election law, it should have been suspended on February 3, 2023.

Suppression of two phases of the electoral calendar is being considered due to lack of time due to recent reforms, according to sources at the electoral authority. Correction of data errors and verification of registration in the registry.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange reported through social networks that the university launched the analysis this Tuesday. His 10 magistrates and Supreme Court technical team that make up the university institution are studying their implications and implications for election dates and register updates. They therefore met on the afternoon of Monday, January 23rd.

They are looking for options to shorten deadlines.

A source close to the TSE told Diario El Mundo that due to the short time left before the approved measures, Congress has decided not to open the electoral calendar for voting abroad due to a clear error and the eventual closure of voter registration. said it plans to curb public consultations from by legislators.

According to the Elections Act, the period for correcting obvious errors would require citizens to consult their electoral registers to ensure that their data is correct, i. You can verify that your ID is exactly as it appears on your document (DUI) or passport. In addition, voters will be given the opportunity to ensure that they are represented in the database underlying voting abroad.

If these measures are approved, Salvadorans abroad will not have the opportunity to refer to the preliminary register to verify that they are actually included in the register and that the data is the same as the document .

Under the current election law, the TSE has a public consultation period during which the TSE can cancel the registration of a deceased person who has falsely registered, or who has reached the age of majority after the suspension of registration, and who has requested an appointment for the issuance of a death certificate. is defined. Drunk driving.



The Salvadoran confirms that he appears to be on the Padrón Basic Electoral Register. This phase may be curtailed or interrupted.

El Salvadorans on the electoral register confirm that the identification data on the document is the same as on the register.

TSE will also deregister deceased persons and persons who have registered fraudulently.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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