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Insurers must adapt, agent says



According to several members of the Legislative Assembly, insurance companies will have to adapt to the new registration mechanism for serious injury-only traffic accidents, as the vehicles involved must move so as not to impede free transportation. .

Amendments to the Land Transportation, Transportation, and Road Safety Act, approved by lawmakers this Wednesday, add among violations not to move a vehicle or object that impedes free transportation resulting from a traffic accident. or minor injuries.

Failure to comply with this measure, or disregarding the direction of an authorized authority to move a vehicle is classified as a very serious offense by law and will result in a fine of $100.

take a picture.

Numan Salgado, deputy secretary of the Grand Alliance for National Unity (Gana), said some of the cases were accidents with minor injuries, so traffic should not continue to be blocked and other registration mechanisms could be used. rice field. “We found that insurance companies were already using the method of making video calls before this,” he said.

Legislators believe other insurers “must do what the pioneers really do” in capturing images.

They allow insured persons to take pictures and videos, which was used even before the approval of this ruling. Numan Salgado, Vice President of Ghana

Deputy Rodrigo Avila of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) was open to incorporating this provision into the law, especially in the case of minor traffic accidents that cause congestion.

He pointed out the need for a plan to ensure that photographs were taken, investigations were conducted, and traffic police agents arrived at the scene of the accident in a timely manner.

“We need mechanisms to facilitate that, and insurers, of course, need to adapt to this. It’s a subject that can ultimately make some sense,” he expressed.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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