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They increase traffic fines by 200 and approve photo fines



With 67 votes from Nuevas Ideas and its allied parties, the Legislative Assembly this Wednesday proposed reforms to the Land Transportation, Traffic and Road Safety Act that would raise fines to $50, $100 and $150 for a total of 200 traffic violations. approved.

In addition, the reform allows for the registration and imposition of fines by photography, video surveillance cameras, radar, and other technical means.

A total of 200 violations will be established in both private and public passenger and freight transport. All fines, without exception, were revised upwards by reform.

Photo fine.

Violation registration and detection devices are available through automated control systems that must be placed on public roads as determined by the Department of Transportation (VMT). This equipment provides the necessary security and may be used with other technologies that are “appropriate” means, so “other forms of imagery” such as photo or video surveillance cameras, fixed or mobile radars, etc. and audio playback” and can be used “without restrictions”. ” to confirm the fault.

Registered offenses are charged to the vehicle’s license plate, a ticket can be created even if the offender is not present, and you are notified by email or mobile phone.

VMT adopts measures for limited use of the system that “maintain respect and protection of the driver’s privacy”. But it establishes an exception: “unless requested by a competent authority”.

Either his pocket gets hit or everyone used to not respecting traffic laws is affected. Salvador Chacón, Deputy Director, New Ideas



The driver has 5 or 10 days to appeal.

Section 117-A provides that “a person suspected of infringement shall, within five working days from the day following notification of indicates that the Any claim, document or information deemed “valid”.

However, Article 119-C, which regulates violations by electronic means, gives the procedural department 10 days to notify the owner or owner of the vehicle of the violation, stating that “the owner or rightful owner shall pay All rights reserved. Pursuant to Article 117-A, either voluntarily impose a fine or appear in court within 10 days of being notified to assert your rights.”

The driver has 30 days to pay the fine. Otherwise, interest at 4% per annum will apply. If he first pays the fine within 5 days, he will be discounted 50% of the amount of the fine.

new offense.

The amendment incorporated the new offenses regulated offenses in Article 117. Some were aimed at motorcyclists: riding a motorcycle without protective glasses if the helmet does not have a windbreaker, riding in bike lanes and lanes intended for cycling, roads road shoulder, left lane curb, or lane divider without wearing a certified helmet.

What happens if I am fined?

The Traffic Act provides a mechanism for appealing fines for traffic violations, deadlines for exercising defenses before VMT, and deadlines for paying them.

1.- 30 days to pay traffic fines
Traffic fines must be canceled within 30 days from the date of notification. If he pays within 5 days first, he will charge half price.

2.- 5 days to present objections or evidence against fines;
The suspect has five business days from the day following notification to present allegations, documents, and evidence in their defense.

3.- 10 days to notify fines collected by electronic means
The Transport and Cargo Transit Legal Procedures Unit will notify you of a violation within a maximum of 10 business days after the fact has been electronically recorded.

4.- Appeals of fines registered by electronic means
The owner or proprietor of the vehicle has 10 days after notification to appear in defense and present evidence.

5.- Interest for non-payment of fines in time
If the fine is not paid within the stipulated period, interest of 4% per annum will apply. Due to bankruptcy, the unique identification (DUI) exchange will not proceed.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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