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Arena asks two taxes to be suspended for two months



A member of the arena faction.  /DEM

A member of the arena faction. /DEM

Lawmakers from the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) are calling for a two-month moratorium on collecting Special Economic Development Stabilization Account (FEFE) contributions and transportation contributions (Cotrans) to reduce fuel prices.

Deputy Minister Marcela Villatro has asked for snippets of the correspondence to be incorporated into this Wednesday’s plenary session so that they can be sent to the commission for study, but she did not get the support of the Cianbench. .

Arena also proposed a one-year tax exemption on transfer of movable goods and provision of services (VAT) on basic basket products.

René Portillo Cuadra said the cost of a basic basket has risen between $26 and $36 in the last four months. “At least half of that amount would benefit families in El Salvador if zero tax rates were applied to this kind of product,” he said.

Numan Salgado of the Grand Alliance for National Unity (Gana) described the proposal as “populist” and argued that the government was in charge of managing finances. ) will take the lead and want the Legislative Assembly to accompany them.”

Source: Diario Elmundo

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