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Mexican vendors complain of up to 200% increase in street food prices



The Mexicanos Mayor’s Office has increased market stall fee collection by up to 200%. The measure has already been rejected, with some merchants demanding consensus to establish payable rates, but the building authority said the reform was his 20-year liability. thinking about.

Esperanza Diaz, a pupusa vendor at Mercado Numero Uno, told Diario El Mundo that he had been awarded two stalls by January 2023, paying $24 each for a total of $48. Since February, her fees are now $72.80 per business, equivalent to $145.60, an increase of $97.60 (203%).

Esperanza said the high prices of his products meant he could barely make a profit and merchants feared it would get worse as they would have to set aside more money to pay for their stalls. I was.
Hugo Martínez, who sells seafood at the temporary market in Mexicanos, acknowledged that “rates need to be updated” but criticized the authorities for not consulting them about the rates.

According to FMLN councilor Simón Paz, a committee was formed to ensure that dissent was not taken into account.

According to the official’s version, that committee only decided the rate and voted without explanation.

He recalled that FMLN had five votes against and the same two votes for Nuevas Ideas.

The truth is you have to pay taxes, and what are you going to do? I paid, but it costs over $145/month. I used to pay $48. ”

Esperanza Díaz, number 1 market vendor in Mexicanos

A costing report based on salaries for 2019 shows a deficit. ”

Tito Reinado, Director of Planning at Medicanos

rate deficit

Tito Reinado, planning director and technical adviser to the city hall, confirmed to Diario El Mundo that the city hall had “updated the amount of the toll” for the market.

He explained that the increase was based on “a costing report prepared based on salaries for 2019”, which showed a “deficit for all previous years.”

“What we’ve done is change rates in a common way to maintain operability and functionality in the municipal market,” he reported, adding that electricity, water and monitoring services I mentioned the total charge.

The new ordinance, disclosed on December 19, 2022, will take effect eight days after its issuance, but merchants claim they received the new fees in February.
Regarding the delayed application of the Mexicanos Ordinance, Mr. Reinado argued that “it started to be applied in January, but there was resistance.”

Zakamil Market fishmonger Melvin Melendez said the charges were unfair given his low sales. “This fish I have is from yesterday,” he said. Melendez explained that previously he was paying $9, but now he’s paying $23.80, increasing his collection of fees by 164%.

  • positively
  • Legalization: The Planning Director of the Mayor’s Office said the ordinance is intended to legalize the positions of merchants. said. Delinquent sellers are given a payment plan.
  • Different cups: The ordinance divides different sales into three categories, within which each market sets different prices. The highest fare is the Zakamil Market and the square where you pay $1 a day for “its strategic location”.

  • negative
  • Conditions: Vendors blame bad conditions on the interim market. The pharmacist pointed out that during the rainy season, rainwater leaks worsen in gutters and corridors, and the lighting at dawn is dim.
  • No Negotiations: Vendors request hearings from the Mayor and City Council to negotiate rates. They recognize that an increase is needed, but it is within their means.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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