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TSE removes 24,041 registers, ISD confirms overcrowding



Electoral rolls have over 6 million Salvadorans.DEM files

Electoral rolls have over 6 million Salvadorans.DEM files

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has downloaded the names of a total of 24,041 Salvadorans on the electoral rolls in the last six months of 2022, but due to death or enforceable sentencing, It must be removed according to election law.

According to Section 21 of the Electoral Law, citizens who have died, declared presumed dead by judicial judgment, disqualified by conviction, and for other reasons (such as facilitation of re-election) are excluded from the register. I have to.

Therefore, the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Friday released a list of excluded people and a legal entity of 93,965 citizens who processed a single identity document (DUI) by the time they turned 18.

However, according to law, citizens cannot be removed from the registry without a prior resolution by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Additionally, in advance, the Head of the Family State Registry must send the death certificate to the TSE and the National Register of Natural Persons (RNPN) within 30 working days of each entry.

data: The General Court must send a certificate of the final judgment to the Supreme Electoral Court within 30 working days after the judgment.


But Ramon Villarta, head of the Social Initiative for Democracy (ISD), said there were signs of overpopulation on the electoral rolls, with a difference of one million people from 2022 population projections. I’m watching it. He points to the possibility of overpopulation. His forecast for the 18+ population of 1,090,000 cites Census Bureau data for 2022 which puts him at 4,410,531, while the country’s resident electoral rolls put him at 4,410,531. There are 5,502,000 Salvadorans.

missing census

Eduardo Escobar, director of the Acción Ciudadana (AC), believes that the lack of an up-to-date census makes it impossible to draw accurate conclusions about the depopulation or overcrowding of the electoral rolls. The last time a subsequent population projection was made was in 2007.

“We only have population projections, but at the moment we don’t have real data on how big the population really is because we don’t have updated data,” Escobar said.

Lawyers assured that the biggest discrepancies in electoral roll data could be caused after thousands of people migrate each year.

What we have is registers that are not properly refined. Data indicate a need for review and refinement. ”

Ramon Villarta, Director of the Social Initiative for Democracy (ISD)

The most appropriate tool for confirming or ruling this out is the census, which has population numbers and can make that inference. ”

Eduardo Escobar, Executive Director of Citizen Action (AC)

What complicates registry fidelity at the national level is the inability to remove it (…) Voting abroad makes the situation even worse for removal. ”

César Reyes, Electoral Observation Commission (JVE)


According to Election Oversight Commissioner César Reyes, whether the cleanup of the electoral rolls will be done in the best possible way “will depend on customs laws and amendments to officially approved electoral laws, among other things. “I’m not sure.

According to Reyes, the cleanup is complicated by creating foreign voter registers, as “there is also no record of the passports of Salvadorans eligible to vote with this document,” and this data to correct the anomaly. “It makes me think seriously about the possibility of fraud in the next election.”

“What complicates registry fidelity at the national level is the inability to carry out an effective cleanup by the TSE,” argued Deputy Commissioner Reyes. It raises questions about the purity of the process.

  • San Salvador 5,970
  • St. Anne 2,078
  • St. Michael 1,950
  • Liberty 2,565
  • Usulutan 1,675
  • Sonsonate 1,946
  • Union 1,226
  • La Paz 1,387
  • Chalatenango 909
  • Cuscatlan 848
  • Ahuachapan 1,196
  • Morazan 618
  • St. Vincent 752
  • Cabin 699
  • outer 222
  • Excluded Total 24,041

Source: Diario Elmundo

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