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Authorities May Seek Seizure of Overdue Downtown Properties



More than 68 blocks were sold in February.  /DEM

More than 68 blocks were sold in February. /DEM

The Authority for Historic Local Planning (APLAN) can sue the courts for arrears on real estate in the historic district of San Salvador pursuant to the bill establishing the authority.

Establishes the powers of Judges 1 of the Civil and Commercial Code of San Salvador 1 for administrative trials, and the civil courts have powers for appeals.

To initiate legal action, the amount of “unpaid, unpaid, liquid or deferred” issued by APLAN’s Chief Financial Officer, in addition to “trustworthy” private documents implying financial obligations. certificate is used. owe

The provision of a simplified invoice is made in accordance with the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedures and indicates with the invoice that “an embargo or preventive action deemed necessary is required”.

payment or settlement.

If the request is granted, an embargo or preventive action will be promulgated, determining who it will be applied to.

An admissible ground for objection has been indicated and an objection may suspend the process, effective payment, or arbitration, provided that 30% of the total outstanding amount is paid in advance.

Enforcement will continue in the absence of valid payment or mediation. Amounts received from the public auction will be applied according to the unpaid amount established in the judgment.

Incentives are used to invest in recovery. / Emerson Del Cid

Incentives are used to invest in recovery. / Emerson Del Cid

Municipal Historic District Declaration

The Special Act on the Protection of Cultural Heritage of 1993 defines them as individual cores of buildings where urban population growth has begun.

July 18, 2008
The Legislative Assembly, in Decree 680, declared the area surrounding the city of San Salvador to be the historic center of the city.

February 28, 2023
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism submitted a bill to the San Salvador City Council to establish the agency.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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