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TSE declares no appointment at Fuerza Solidaria, tells him ‘he is not registered’



Members of the Fuerza Solidaria, an organization led by Rigoberto Soto (third from left to right) and Arturo Magaña (clothed in white).  / @fsolidariasv

Members of the Fuerza Solidaria, an organization led by Rigoberto Soto (third from left to right) and Arturo Magaña (clothed in white). / @fsolidariasv

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) declared on Wednesday that the request by the special representative of the political party of the organization Fuerza Solidaria to approve the appointment of a member of the Permanent Electoral Commission would not be granted.

According to the resolution announced by Deputy Guillermo Gallegos, the TSE’s explanation is that the party to the organization is “unregistered” and “has not yet been granted legal personality.” The Interim Management Authority is empowered to make decisions “relevant solely to the performance of acts aimed at obtaining the registration of a political party in the organisation”.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange adds that it is the act of registering on a political party list that “confers corporate status on a political party.”

The request of Manuel Rigoberto Soto Lazo, special representative of the political party Fuerza Solidaria within the organization, was accepted, so that the designated electoral commission member would be considered appointed and would register on behalf of that political party. declared not to. ” – TSE resolution on March 8.

Controversy between Gana and the Solidarity Forces

Deputy Guillermo Gallegos, leader of the Gran Arianza Paula Unidad Nacional (Gana), announced the resolution of the TSE, stating, “Unfortunately, the Formation Force Solidarity (sic) political party will not be allowed to participate in the 2024 elections. We weren’t able to register in time, the last day to be approved was March 5th.”

Just seven days before the deadline for convening internal elections around 2024, Fuerza Solidaria presented a bill on February 26, 2023 to designate full and alternate members of the Electoral Commission.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has set March 5 as the last day of internal elections for the Governor, Deputy Governor, Deputy Governor, Representatives, and City Council members.

In its resolution, the court reiterated that “the Fuerza Solidaria party within the organization is not registered.” However, the two TSE sources did not respond if that political institution was excluded from the 2024 election process.

Gana and Fuerza Solidaria is an organization founded by former members of the National Republican Alliance (Arena). Rigoberto Soto was also a member of Ghana.

In January 2022, deputy Guillermo Gallegos said Arturo Magagna, also former deputy Arena deputy, and Herbert Saca, cousin of former president Antonio Saca, attempted to gift the mayor to induce his resignation in Ghana. accused as

Shortly after Gallegos wrote on Twitter that Fuerza Solidaria would not be able to participate in the 2024 elections, Magaña replied: “I say again, you are wrong. One day you will be elected president by Callejas.” But now El Mann is called Naib Bukele, Solidarity Force will be the second political force in 2024. Greetings to Mr. Dip Soriano, Mr. Dip Soriano, They say they’ll investigate you for the Foundation’s sake.

In the current Cabinet, many public posts in the security field are held by figures close to Gana, who holds five votes in the Legislative Assembly and is an ally of Nuevas Idea.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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