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Ulloa promotes rainwater reservoir project



Vice President Ulloa at the inauguration of the Metapan Reservoir.

Vice President Ulloa at the inauguration of the Metapan Reservoir.

The Vice President of the Republic, Felix Ulloa, inaugurated the National Rainwater Harvestment Plan to build artificial reservoirs in the country in Metapan, Santa Ana.

The National Program for Harvesting Rainwater is facilitated by the Vice President of the Republic, supported by the Trifinio Planning National Directorate and executed by the El Salvador Water Authority (ASA).

The program promises a number of reservoirs with a capacity of 800 cubic meters of water, which will be used “preferentially for agriculture, barns, fish farming and community water supply,” according to a statement from the vice president. .

The inauguration was attended by Minister-Charge of the Moroccan Embassy, ​​Brahim Badi, Trifinio Plan’s Trinational Secretary General, Reese Hernández, among others.

It’s not in the public interest.

An artificial reservoir built to capture, hold, and store rainwater.

According to the General Water Resources Act, artificially harvested rainwater with no intention of being sold by an individual is not considered national property for public use.

The law states that the country must promote the use of rainwater, and “to do so, incentive programs, national and international, financial and technical cooperation must be promoted”.

Anyone can use the rainwater that falls on their property as long as it is not used for commercialization.

Each year, El Salvador has more than 56 billion cubic meters of water, of which 32% is distributed in surface water and 9% in groundwater. According to reports, in 2009 only 5.5% of his available annual water resources were used.


According to a 2023 Fusades study, 56,052 million cubic meters of water falls into El Salvador each year, with 59% returning to the atmosphere via evaporation and transpiration.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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