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NI Supports Laws That Promote Investment in Historic Sites



This law applies to parts of the historic district.  /DEM

This law applies to parts of the historic district. /DEM

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly’s Finance and Economic Committees will jointly develop a study of the proposed legislation for the creation of the authority of the historic center of San Salvador, but deputies of the Nuevas ideas of both committees People advanced their support for the aforementioned rule after reading out the draft decree at a working session this Thursday.

The proposal was sent by the Executive Branch through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, in which the creation of a Planning Office for the Historic Center, responsible for the application of laws covering demarcated areas within the Territory’s Integrated Center. Established. Promotion of orders, tourism, cultural and economic investment.

If the initiative is approved, the authorities will have the power to prepare and approve the technical framework defining land use development plans and sectoral plans, and will also prepare and approve technical standards for environmental management of historic areas. .

This project brings the establishment of a single window that allows the creation of conditions for achieving all projects. ” Eduardo Carías, new ideas

they provide support.

Nuevas Ideas delegates voiced their support, arguing that this is a continuation of intervention by the San Salvador mayor’s office and government. “So how do you convince investors and businessmen to find their place and resources in the area? ‘ said Deputy William Soriano.

A 10-year income tax exemption is proposed for investments in the construction, remodeling, improvement, expansion, restoration, and preservation of real estate with an investment of $1,000 per square meter in real estate with a minimum area of ​​25 square meters. increase.

They incentivize companies to restore infrastructure.  /DEM

They incentivize companies to restore infrastructure. /DEM

Soriano added that the project will open up the possibility that the historic district “can be inhabited by Salvadorans”.

Deputy Director General Eduardo Carías said: “In addition to the salvation of all possible public spaces, momentum is building in terms of tourism, culture and the economy.”
In addition, they also claim improved security. “What we’re left with is betting on our tourism space,” said Elisa Rosales.

Deputy Marcela Pineda, meanwhile, said the territorial plan “does not just clear the streets.”

It is also about giving and providing decent terms to those who over the years have naturalized that the street is their sales space. ” Marcela Pineda, new ideas

What areas are encouraged?

San Salvador’s historic district was demarcated by a decree of July 18, 2008 into an area of ​​nearly 200 blocks divided into three boundaries: Microcenter, Citycenter and Consolidated Center.

The project declares a cultural, tourism and development area that is just a small portion of the entire historic district, starting at the intersection of 25th and Arce streets north and continuing northeast to 3rd and 10th Avenues. South to 8th Avenue, West to 1st Avenue South, 6th Avenue West, Gerardo Barrios Street, 9th Avenue South to 25th Avenue.


There are incentives for investment in food, accommodation, recreation, information and transport, parking development, real estate and housing development.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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