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Tokyo Stock Exchange says it has not registered Fuerza Solidaria, which maintains dispute with Gallegos



Gana leader Guillermo Gallegos and Fuerza Solidaria member Arturo Magagna.

Gana leader Guillermo Gallegos and Fuerza Solidaria member Arturo Magagna.

The leader of the National Party Gran Arianza por la Unidad Nacional (Gana) party and party of the organization Fuerza Solidaria said Thursday that he was a politician in a resolution issued on March 8 by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). Party clashed on social networks after stating that they were not registered.

The validity of the TSE’s resolution, published on social networks, was confirmed by two sources in the Electoral Commission, with Fuerza Solidaria, founded by former Allenero, not registered as a political party on March 5. It was confirmed that the inmate was summoned.

Unfortunately, the political parties that make up Solidarity Force were not able to register in time to participate in the upcoming elections in 2024. ” Guillermo Gallegos, Gana’s deputy

Guillermo Gallegos, deputy deputy of Gana, the party founded by the former Arlenero, said Fuerza Solidaria would be excluded from the 2024 election campaign, but was rejected by Fuerza Solidaria. The political party that formed Fuerza Solidaria failed to register in time to participate in the upcoming 2024 elections,” writes Gallegos.

“In 2024, Fuerza Solidaria will become the second political force,” replied former Vice President Arturo Magagna, founder of Fuerza Solidaria.

Again, Guillermo Gallegos is wrong. In 2024, Fuerza Solidaria will become the second political force. ” Arturo Magagna, founder of the Solidarity Army

The Tokyo Stock Exchange ordered the publication of the law.

On March 1, Magistrate Guillermo Wellman said that Fuerza Solidaria’s “publication of the statutes and all documents” had already been ordered, but that “the process for full registration was still pending”. Wellman expressed doubt that Citizen Power had not had enough time to be registered as a political party.

The Allied Forces summoned the prisoner on March 5, but the Tokyo Stock Exchange did not approve the nomination of the Election Commission, which summoned the prisoner on March 8.

in progress. Issuance of that decree has already been ordered…but the process for full registration is still pending. ” Guillermo Wellman, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

In this way, Judge Noel Orellana revealed on March 7 that Fuerza Solidaria’s registration process was at the stage of being challenged and that it was not registered, but that “the Tokyo Stock Exchange has approved it as a political party.” affirmed. A TSE official said after that stage, a judge would have to decide whether to register the move.

Fuerza Solidaria is made up of former members of the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (Arena) party and others. On January 17, 2022, Vice President Guillermo Gallegos accused Fuerza Solidaría of ex-president Antonio Saca’s cousin, Herbert, of having an affair with Saca, and “offered” the mayor of Gana, composed of ex-Aleneros I told the party to do , and “they market themselves as the president’s party,” said Naive Bukele.


Of the 12 registered parties, only 11 have summoned internal parties, and only Democracy of El Salvador (DS) has failed to arouse strife to elect a candidate by 2024. bottom.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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