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Controversy Continues: Petro and Bukele Condemn ‘Pact’



President Naive Bukele of El Salvador and President Gustavo Petro of Colombia

President Naive Bukele of El Salvador and President Gustavo Petro of Colombia

Colombian President Gustavo Petro once again pointed to El Salvadoran President Naive Bukele, this time accusing him of referring to US judicial indictments over alleged pacts between the current government and MS13, and two incumbent officials. pointed out.

Petro tweeted: “The only thing better than making government pacts under the table is that we can make them above the table in search of peace, without justice lying.” His tweet was accompanied by an article about an indictment filed in New York’s Eastern District Court on Sept. 22, 2022. The indictment accused the director of a prison center and the director of Tejido Social of gang accusations. was said to be in collusion with

Bukele has been accused of taking money from those linked to corruption and drug trafficking that Nicolas Petro Burgos, son of the President of Colombia, allegedly gave him for Petro’s presidential campaign. “Isn’t your son the one who makes pacts under the table and for money?” was Bukele’s response.

college or prison.

A week ago, Colombia’s president called the transfer of the first 2,000 prisoners to the Confinement Center for Terrorism (Cecot) in Tecolca, São Vicente, a “Dante-esque prison” and a “concentration camp” in Bogota. points out that it has reduced murders with colleges and not prisons. Bukele then argued that results “are more important than rhetoric.”

Source: Diario Elmundo

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