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Nuestro Tiempo elects leadership in a single list chaired by Andy Failer



Voting takes place at the Nuestro Tiempo party headquarters.  /EL MUNDO DAILY ARCHIVE.

Voting takes place at the Nuestro Tiempo party headquarters. /EL MUNDO DAILY ARCHIVE.

The central political party Nuestro Tiempo will conduct an internal election process this Sunday to determine the party’s new leader with a single candidate list chaired by current secretary general Andy Ferrer.

The only candidates to be ratified are: Andy Failer as President of Nuestro Tiempo. Ramiro Navas served as Director of Organization, Giovanni Maravilla as Director of Elections, Eric Ivan Ortiz as Director of Political Affairs and Hector Silva as Director of Communications.

Calls for internal elections to the Board of Directors opened on March 2. After this Sunday’s polling day, there will be a period of resource admission and evaluation of the results, March 13-21, 2023, with the final declaration of results coming out on his March 23rd.

“Now it’s time to say it again: it’s our time. Tomorrow we will write a new chapter and begin preparations for 2024 and the medium and long term that our party will navigate. Democracy. There is no democracy without people,” Failor posted on his Twitter account on Saturday.

His comments were picked up by the party’s outgoing president, Juan Valiente, who proceeded to replace the party leader. “What a satisfaction and joy to see Nuestro Tiempo transition into a new generation of leadership tomorrow! Andy Failer and a team of precious people will lead the party at this point. Let’s bet,” wrote Valiente.

Internal elections for candidates for popular electoral offices in the 2024 elections will take place on June 25, 2023.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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