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Nuevas Ideas requires land adjoining the surrounding area to be of social interest for 10 years.



A declaration of social interest permits expropriation of land.

A declaration of social interest permits expropriation of land.

Deputy Norma Lobo of the Nuevas Ideas faction called for the approval of a decree declaring the land surrounding the area around Claudia Lars to “social function” and rural use for 10 years. Included in Zapotitan Irrigation and Drainage District 1, and she on the road to Santa Ana are 30 kilometers away.

Its purpose is to “promote and encourage the ruralization of the country, the production of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and other crops” and to promote agricultural and livestock production projects.

The affected area is shared by the municipalities of Colon, San Juan Opico and Ciudad Arce in the department of La Libertad. El Congo, Santa Ana Department. And in Armenia, in the department of Sonsonate.

It begins with a detour in the area around the highway to Sonsonate, the agricultural area of ​​the Nueva Esperanza district, the hamlet of El Tigre and the upper area of ​​the municipality of Zacakoyo, which borders Ciudad Arce to the north. It borders Coron to the east and Jayake and Tepecoyo to the south. It borders Armenia to the west and is included in the Zapotitan Irrigation and Drainage District 1.

Declare agricultural land located 30 kilometers of the highway from San Salvador to Santa Ana as real estate with a social function. New Ideas representative, Norma Lobo


Article 4 of the bill, proposed by Nuevas Ideas, states that owners of agricultural land should “dispose of such land on the condition that the new owner respects the declaration of social function and the declaration of rural land. The purpose is to “locally farm or livestock production.

A declaration of social interest allows expropriation to proceed “after fair compensation” in accordance with Article 106 of the current Republican Constitution. This indicates that payments may be made “in installments not exceeding a total of 15 years.” . each with their own interests.

Agriculture at 90%.

According to the project, agricultural and livestock land in demarcated sectors shall be given “rural soil quality” and the use of land “for purposes other than agriculture and livestock” should not exceed 10% of the total area.

However, land use variations are limited to residential and commercial. “Any use of industrial order can only be carried out in an artisanal manner,” the proposal adds.

state project.

According to this project, the state facilitates projects for the promotion, improvement and expansion of agricultural and livestock production in areas declared with social functions, as well as technical assistance to owners or tenants.


Owners can use, sell, mortgage, pay for and transfer their land as long as the new owner respects its social functions and rural land declarations.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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