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Nuestro Tiempo New Board Approved



Nuestro Tiempo verified a single list of leadership chaired by Andy Failer.  / FV

Nuestro Tiempo verified a single list of leadership chaired by Andy Failer. / FV

The Nuestro Tiempo Party held internal elections this Sunday to approve the members of its new board of directors, chaired by the current Executive Director, Andy Ferrer.

A single list of 16 people will be put to the ballot, which will formally take place until March 23 according to the election calendar.

The task of the new leadership is to prepare the candidacy and lead the proselytizing campaign for the 2024 elections. Internal elections to select candidates for popularly elected offices will be held on June 25, 2023. It is done.

Politics is so discredited that political parties must grow a beard about how much responsibility they bear in this crisis. Ramiro Navas, Director of the Organization Nuestro Tiempo

members will follow.

“This is a process intended for members of Nuestro Tiempo with affiliate status, i.e. those who are part of our registrants. The roster is not that big,” said Ramiro Navas, head of the organization.

He said the current board was elected for the period 2020-2025, but Juan Valiente decided to retire as party leader “due to family circumstances” and most of the members on the approved list are now ,Council.

“For this reason, we have decided to implement this new internal process for the 2024 elections,” he said. He asserted that he had incorporated “several leaders” from civil society and academia to strengthen the party’s leadership.

Young people’s participation in the leadership of political institutions stands out. “Most of the new board members are people under his 40s, but we are combining this young man with experience and competence,” he added.

He believes the country’s opposition parties will face major challenges by 2024, so they want to offer a “responsible alternative” in politics. However, he admits that people are losing their appetite for new projects.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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