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Government adds 16 new consulates to organize activities such as English classes and package deliveries



Deputy Minister of the Diaspora, Cindy Portal, assured that the Consulate had also opened a book club./Video image of Tcs.

Deputy Minister of the Diaspora, Cindy Portal, assured that the Consulate had also opened a book club./Video image of Tcs.

The government has opened 16 new consulates around the world, it reported to Cindy Portal, deputy minister for the Diaspora and Human Movements, on Monday. She has various activities there such as English classes, food package deliveries, eye exams and covid-19. Free and art exhibition.

After a 12-day visit to nine U.S. cities, officials said in an interview with Telecorporación Salvadoreña Frente a Frente that three new consulates will open in 2023, adding to the four consulates opened in 2022. I have ensured that there are 28 consulates in the country.

At the consulate, Salvadorans can carry out formalities to obtain passports, unique identity documents (DUI), return of accumulated savings to pension fund administrators (AFP), family status registration, and other services. increase. Portal has announced that it will launch the first English academy for the Diaspora in the coming years.

The administration opened 16 new consulates around the world. Worldwide he has benefited more than 861,000 Salvadorans. In this first semester, he hopes that the number of issued passports in the world will reach 1 million, not counting passports sent to headquarters where they do not have a passport. ” – Cindy Portal, Deputy Minister of the Diaspora.

The portal explained that it was conducting a survey to count Salvadorans from different regions in order to open consulates. He assured that the Salvadoran population, which he estimated at 2.5 million, “covers the entire United States,” but said investigations into the migration of Salvadorans abroad would continue.

According to officials, El Salvador has become “the first country to serve its population the best.” This is the country that served the population the most abroad when El Salvador has her 2.9 million compatriots abroad and has 28 consulates against her 40 million inhabitants. Because we have 50 consulates. “We focus most of our efforts in the United States. Where the Salvadorans are, that’s where we should be,” he stressed.

They are a gathering place for the Diaspora and this weekend we offered English classes and provided food packages. It is a meeting for people to come and make the space for Salvadorans their own…our diaspora. People are surprised as they are greeted with coffee when they arrive and the Diaspora himself organizes and brings them sweet bread. ” – Cindy Portal, Deputy Minister for Diaspora Affairs.

During a 12-day visit to the United States, the Salvadoran Ministry of Foreign Affairs also launched the viajero.sv platform. This is a discount coupon book for tour operators, hotels, restaurants and soon airline tickets. Portal also announced that it will begin its first Volaris flight from San Salvador to Houston on March 26, facilitating lower prices for flights.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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