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Julio Olivo and delegates face 2024 election budget cuts



Financial Commission TSE Magistrate Julio Olivo assured: "it would be important" The audit is not underfunded.  / @TSEE El Salvador.

Julio Olivo, TSE Magistrate of the Financial Services Commission, asserted that it was “important” to ensure that audits were not underfunded. / @TSEE El Salvador.

A statement by Julio Olivo, one of five exclusive magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) on cuts to the 2024 electoral budget, said: Please, Mr. Olivo!”, and a reference to the May 1, 2021 dismissal of the Supreme Court Justice of the Peace and Attorney General.

Magistrate Julio Olivo called for intervention after the TSE expressed its willingness to cooperate with a reduced election budget, trusting the final strengthening and seeking prompt and immediate approval.

Regarding the budget for overseas ballots, Olivo assured “no items have been cut” and said it would be “important” not to run out of budget to hire an auditing firm for overseas ballots. .

It would be bad for anyone to be able to deduct this amount, but we don’t know… There is no program that reveals that $20 million should be deducted from the national budget. Some products are not eligible. – Julio Olivo, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Deputy Minister Suecy Callejas said it was disturbing that civil servants were “trying to inflict scare” and criticized her ignorance about budget cuts. “They say they don’t know the budget, but they come to talk about what they don’t know. Be quiet, I’m talking!” he pointed before Olivo’s words.

“The suspicion they want to instill is that they don’t audit because they don’t have the money. Budget cuts have always been made,” said Callejas. “Unless you’ve managed a home, we’re all familiar with it.”

We owe it to the people of El Salvador for not coming here to talk about ghosts. We are all concerned that these elections are legal, efficient, and justified, but chaotic elections do us no good. ” – Suecy Callejas, Deputy Head of Nuevas Ideas.

Tokyo Stock Exchange President Dora de Barajona distanced himself from Olivo’s remarks and assured that the cuts by the Ministry of Finance were never made.

William Soriano, deputy chairman of Nuevas Ideas, argued that they were “using an opportunity to sow doubt and fear into the electoral process.” “Because of the cut, the votes of Salvadorans abroad will be invalidated, so they are not going to leave here now,” he said.

Cyan lawmakers added that “technology is advanced enough” to ensure traceability of each vote, and that some people have used their position to “begin to question the process.” ‘ he criticized. “Whenever you want, when I’m done speaking out. I understand that you have your own political vision and that it is within your rights,” he told Olivo.

Soriano took the opportunity to denounce Olivo for statements he made about the “coup” in June 2022. Before that, Nuevas Ideas had urged him to be charged with sedition or rebellion.

“Talking about a coup is very contradictory for a body like the Supreme Electoral Court,” Soriano told him. Olivo said that “he would never do”, as the legislator had alluded to, and that he was not the one who canceled the Cambio Democratico (CD) party that Soriano had mentioned. “Remember that decisions are made by majority vote,” he said.

Perhaps to clarify, there was discussion, but I never mentioned the fact that the public distrusts the electoral system. – Julio Olivo, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Olivo later clarified that he was referring to the fact that they were unaware of the programs that had been cut by the Treasury Department, and when he began referring to a “coup” he said: rice field. Catch me here on my way out. “

“You as a guest. “For good reason,” replied Olivo.

“You’ve made some pretty serious statements at this point,” Soriano asked. “What do you mean by arresting you here? Then we read all his books,” replied Nuevas Ideas Deputy Christian Guevara.

Edgardo Mulato, vice-president of Nuevas Ideas, recalled May 1, 2021, when the president and lawmakers assured “they had to put up with it” and the legislative assembly was still hinting at changes to the TSE. I remembered not.

I say this because it’s the only second-class agency that hasn’t been removed so far, and I haven’t made any mention of wanting to change it, and on May 1, I’ve removed the Supreme Court magistrate and prosecutor. Remember that we have changed, and I bring this up because the people of El Salvador gave us an ordination. – Edgardo Mulato, lieutenant at New Ideas.

The Finance Committee announced two budget projects totaling $129 million for the 2024 election, after cutting about $30 million of the original $159 million requested by the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). I am considering.

Tokyo Stock Exchange President Dora de Barajona promised they would attend as Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya said he was “ready to strengthen the budget.”

This afternoon, a TSE magistrate met with a representative of the Finance Committee.  / @TSEE El Salvador.

This afternoon, a TSE magistrate met with a representative of the Finance Committee. / @TSEE El Salvador.

Deputy Commissioner Suecy Callejas denied Olivo had questioned the election audit.

Deputy Commissioner Suecy Callejas denied Olivo had questioned the election audit. “Olivo, restrain yourself!” he told him. / Video image of the Legislative Assembly.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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