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TSE has not yet defined a mechanism for contracting electronic voting rights exercise



The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) has yet to define a contractual mechanism for companies implementing face-to-face and remote electronic voting systems from abroad for the January-February 2024 elections.

The special budget for overseas suffrage for the 2024 election event will be $59,066,690, which is less than the amount requested by the Tokyo Stock Exchange from the Ministry of Finance, which will be used primarily for electronic voting.

The Foreign Suffrage Special Law passed in October 2022 required the Tokyo Stock Exchange to hire a company to apply the electronic voting system to El Salvadorans from abroad.

And check if all this procedure is carried out on a turnkey basis, i.e. the same company covers everything related to logistics. ” Dora Esmeralda Martinez, President of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


TSE magistrate Dora Esmeralda Martínez affirmed they were preparing instructions for the contract procedure. We’ve pretty much finalized the technical specs of what we want the company that wins the process to do,” he said.

In a presentation before the Finance Committee of the Legislative Assembly this Monday, the magistrate showed that contracts could be contracted in a “turnkey” mode.

Judge Noel Orellana confirmed that he had conducted market research on what kind of companies he knew of overseas voting systems could charge to help build a budget.

To prepare this budget, we conducted research, conducted market research, and found out how much it would cost. ” Noel Orellana, TSE Justice of the Peace


Originally, the TSE requested $70.7 million for this special budget, of which $53 million would “cover the hiring or outsourcing of companies that provide services to courts for the conduct of electronic voting,” it said. Executive Director Jaime Canizares said. Tokyo Stock Exchange; $7 million for companies performing audits.

However, of the $59 million allocated, $58 million will go to hiring companies, according to Treasury Department recommendations. “We allocated the same amount that the Tokyo Stock Exchange requested to hire a company to implement electronic systems,” said Carlos Salazar, head of the Ministry of Finance’s budget department.

suffrage law enforcement

The Foreign Suffrage Special Act, approved in October 2022, mandates the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) to contract remote and in-person electronic voting.

1.- Start voting from abroad
The first attempt to vote abroad was in 2014, with 10,337 voter registrations covering 10 countries.

2.- Initial budget
The requested budget for foreign votes in the 2014 election was $7.4 million requested and $4.1 million approved.

3.- Elections 2019
In 2019, we received 5,948 international votes and reached 18 countries. The allocated budget was $2 million and the outstanding balance was $1.9 million.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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