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Nuevas Idea Leader Asks Tokyo Stock Exchange Governor About Electronic Voting



Wendy Clavijo, Executive Director of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad.  / Posted by Wendy Clavijo on FB.

Wendy Clavijo, Executive Director of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad. / Posted by Wendy Clavijo on FB.

Wendy Clavijo, secretary of Salvadorans abroad at Nuevas Ideas, announced on social networks that the head of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) would hire Mr. Indra for electronic voting of Salvadorans abroad in the presidential elections of the Republic and the legislative body. questioned the supposed benefits. Congress in 2024.

“We are already racing against time, ma’am,” he told her on Twitter using emojis and abbreviations. Tokyo Stock Exchange President Dora de Barahona was elected as a Tokyo Stock Exchange judge on the proposal of Gran Arianza Por La Unidad Nacional (Ghana), an ally of Nuevas Ideas.

Clavijo provided the Tokyo Stock Exchange president with more information, urged “someone” to “investigate,” and asked, “I don’t want to be left without a vote. What would you do?” Naive Bukele of the Republic, Walter Araujo of the Legislative Assembly, and some tweeters such as @LauraPocaSV and @Chelita_NI duplicated the message.

On May 17, the leader of the Sian Party complained that with 263 days to go until the elections, details of the voting process that Salvadorans will carry out abroad are still unknown.

TSE Postpones Debate on Electronic Voting: What’s the Difference?

He told the Tokyo Stock Exchange that his tweet was “very nice,” but questioned the time was near. When the Tokyo Stock Exchange reported on May 16 that five companies were interested in auditing e-voting, he wrote to them, “We’ve been waiting a long time already.”

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has not yet signed a contract with a company that will develop or introduce electronic voting rights or conduct an audit. After no agreement was reached last week, a plenary meeting was scheduled for 2:00 pm today to seek agreement.

According to various sources at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the discrepancy is due to differences between two finalists, one of which is Evoting Solutions, which consists of Cybernetica AS, Mühlbauer ID Services GMBH and Salvadoran Data & Graphics. ” because it is a consortium. Provider Status – Another option is “Indra Soluciones Tecnologías de la Información” in Spanish.

Remote electronic voting will begin 30 calendar days before Election Day, so elections will begin on January 6, 2024. El Salvadorans abroad participate only in the election of representatives of the Legislative Assembly and of the President of the Republic. If you live abroad, your vote will be assigned to San Salvador.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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