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Division of Voting Rights by Company for TSE Electronic Voting Rights



The Managing Judge and the Acting Judge were called to an extraordinary session this Monday. /video image

The Managing Judge and the Acting Judge were called to an extraordinary session this Monday. /video image

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) today split in its extraordinary parliament on the selection of one of the companies to introduce electronic voting for El Salvadorans abroad in 2024.

Judges Guillermo Wellman and Noel Orellana voted in favor of accepting the opinion of the Director of the Information Services (USI), which recommended hiring the Voting Solutions consortium, according to two sources at the election administration. threw. Tokyo Stock Exchange President, Judges Dora de Barahona and Rubén Meléndez abstained, and Judge Julio Olivo did not vote.

Evoting Solutions is a consortium consisting of Cybernetica AS, Mühlbauer ID Services GMBH, the issuer of Salvadoran Unique Identity Cards (duis), and the national provider “Data & Graphics” of El Salvador.

The USI Director, who was appointed in November 2022, has suggested opting for a voting solution, according to one TSE source. The reason is that, according to his analysis, voting solutions has more than 10 years of experience and he has participated in at least three election events, including: other criteria.

We recommend the following: What is the reason for the conflict within the TSE over electronic voting?

Another finalist was Spain’s Indra Soluciones Tecnologías de la Información, according to the USI director’s analysis, sources said. TSE officials say no magistrate has ruled in favor of the company at the plenary session.

TSE also voted in favor of the contract method. Justices Guillermo Wellman, Dora de Barahona, Rubén Meléndez and Noel Orellana voted in favor of direct contracts without competition. And Judge Julio Olivo voted in favor of a direct contract with the jurisdiction, a decision supported by Alternate Judges Blanca Paz Montalvo, Marlon Harold Cornejo Avalos and Bellariz Velázquez.

As such, the decision on whether to adopt electronic voting at the Tokyo Stock Exchange remains stalled after Monday’s nearly three-hour meeting.The Managing Judge and Deputy Judge will meet again this Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

At 3:15 p.m., during a meeting at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Wendy Clavijo, secretary of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad, said: He asked the president of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Twitter what “interest” means. For hiring the Spanish company Indra while urging it to “investigate”. Diario El Mundo asked the Chief Justice of the Tokyo Stock Exchange for his opinion, but by 6:30 p.m. he had not received a response.

Various TSE officials have attributed the disagreements to differences between the two finalists, but some judges are genuinely uninterested in changing the correlation within the TSE. I doubt there is.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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