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FMLN decides to close coalition door to resigned mayor



Ángel Monju, member of the FMLN Political Committee.

Ángel Monju, member of the FMLN Political Committee.

The FMLN has closed the doors to mayors and lawmakers who have resigned from the political body from returning as re-election candidates.

“This is the decision of the Political Commission, that all those who have decided to embark on the adventure of intimidation, threats and offers by the regime are looking for our blanket again today and we say no. ” said Ángel Monju, a member of the Political Commission.

Monge accused officials of “throwing mud at the FMLN” when they resigned.

FMLN has lost 10 of its 30 mayoral elections in 2021. Some are looking for a coalition backed by left-wing parties, according to Monge.

The FMLN closes the registration of candidates for Mayor, Vice President, President and Vice President of the Republic this Sunday, May 21. On Sunday, May 14, the registration of primary candidates for Alina and Vamos, who have given up on holding internal elections for presidential candidates, closed.

After the internal elections, the opposition parties have not completely ruled out partnerships or coalitions between local governments and legislatures.

August 7, 2023 is the last date to request an electoral coalition registration that must be adopted as an official act by a political party.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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