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Tokyo Stock Exchange, without voting rights, to consortium contract for electronic voting



The Tokyo Stock Exchange did not agree on the first ballot. / Tokyo Stock Exchange

The Tokyo Stock Exchange did not agree on the first ballot. / Tokyo Stock Exchange

With no results, the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) held its first ballot on a contract with the company for an electronic voting system to be used by El Salvadorans abroad in the 2024 elections.

Two magistrates voted for the Evoting Solutions consortium, two others abstained, and one did not vote. Tokyo Stock Exchange meeting will continue from 10:30 am this Tuesday

The TSE also submitted a ballot in the form of an electronic ballot contract. Justices Guillermo Wellman, Dora de Barahona, Rubén Meléndez, and Noel Orellana voted in favor of direct contracts without competition. And Judge Julio Olivo voted in favor of a direct contract with the jurisdiction, a decision supported by Alternate Judges Blanca Paz Montalvo, Marlon Harold Cornejo Avalos and Bellariz Velázquez.

On his Facebook account, Judge Cornejo argued that hiring must be “competitive” for three reasons: transparency, cost savings and avoiding stigma, even internationally.

I want to ask PD. Dora Esmeralda from TSE, what interest do you have in adopting Indra as a technology solution for overseas voting? ” Wendy Clavijo, Salvadoran Abroad Secretary, Talks Nuweiba Ideas on Twitter

NI asks the president of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

During a TSE meeting, Wendy Clavijo, Executive Director of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad, asked TSE President Judge Dora de Barahona about her “interest” in hiring the Spanish company Indra. he asked to investigate. Diario El Mundo did not respond to a request for a position from the Tokyo Stock Exchange president.

what is this for?

TSE officials have suggested that this disagreement is due to differences between finalist companies, but some magistrates may be interested in changing the correlation within the TSE. Be suspicious of.

Another finalist is Spain’s Indra Soluciones Tecnologías de la Información. Indra Sistemas, SA El Salvador branch, under the name of SA El Salvador branch, he contracted with TSE for $6,793,640 to transmit and process the results of the 2012 local and parliamentary elections. and $5,459,718 in the two 2014 elections, the TSE reported at the time.

If the contract is decided without competition, we believe that the designated company’s offer price increase is permissible. ” Marlon Harold Cornejo Abalos, Deputy Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

According to one of the TSE sources, the head of USI, who was hired in November 2022, has more than a decade of experience and experience in at least three election events, according to his analysis. Suggested to choose.

Evoting Solutions is a consortium of Cybernetica AS, Mühlbauer ID Services GMBH (El Salvador Unique Identity Card (duis) issuer) and El Salvador’s “Data & Graphics” company. 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021 TSE.

1.- Your system should be almost ready

The overseas voting law stipulates that the electronic voting system should be ready by June 3, 2023. It may be extended.

2.- March funds
The law mandating e-voting was approved in October 2022 and the e-voting budget was approved on 15 March 2023.

3.- Audit is delayed
An audit of the registry of Salvadorans living abroad voting in 2024 should have started on March 6.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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