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Treasury reports four amendments of $40.5 million to 2023 budget



One reform was by administrative agreement, the others by legislation.  /DEM

One reform was by administrative agreement, the others by legislation. /DEM

According to the Monitoring and Evaluation Report on Budget Performance as of March 2023, released May 3, four revisions totaling $40.5 million were booked in the first three months of the central government budget. .

During this period, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) revised $24,645,315 and the Ministry of Tourism $15,889,000.

By administrative agreement, MOPT has incorporated $4,558,823 in public transit subsidies with funds from the Consolidated Passenger Transportation Public Service Tariff Stabilization Special Contribution (Cotrans).


In addition, three reforms were implemented by legislative approval: $15,889,000 for programs supporting the recovery and expansion of El Salvador’s tourism sector for activities related to tourism governance by the Legislative Decree of February 21, 2023; was spent.

Legislative Decree 672 also incorporated $5,086,492 in Cotrans-funded public transit subsidies.

In addition, incorporating $15 million from a BID 5577/OC-ES loan from the Program to Strengthen El Salvador’s Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector to provide macrometers and micrometers for the Commercial Reduction of Unbilled Water. Purchased and drilled 6 new wells. Prepare an organizational development plan for the North Zone System and prepare an organizational development plan for the National Aqueduct and Sewerage Authority (Anda) (Decree 685).

Other amendments deducted $25,543,459, but were not applied to the State Financial Management System (SAFI). The report does not take into account seven reforms approved by the Legislative Assembly for $46,313,754 on March 22, including COVID-19 programs, local roads and production corridors.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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