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Judge Noel Orellana: TSE needs real leadership



Interview with Judge Noel Orellana "as it is"asserted that it was normal to have differing standards among magistrates.  / @TSEE El Salvador.

Judge Noel Orellana, interviewed by “Las Cosas Como Son”, asserted that it is normal for judges to have different standards. / @TSEE El Salvador.

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Judge Noel Orellana said today that “the TSE has no We need real leadership.”

On Monday, two judges chose to uphold the hiring of the consortium recommended by the head of the Information Services Division (USI), with two not voting and one abstaining from the vote.

Due to indecision, Wendy Clavijo, Director of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad, asked TSE President Dora Martinez de Barahona about the alleged interest in hiring Spanish company Indra. But the president of the Tokyo Stock Exchange insisted that she wanted it. “Not 5” so the transparency is reversed. The budget for overseas voting reaches $58.9 million.

Orellana, who was interviewed at “Las Cosas Como Son”, even said at the TSE’s plenary session that if there was another company that met the requirements “because of consensus”, he would comply with the new regulations. It revealed that. A proposal was presented, but no company.

This is a difference they have to work out and seems to be a personal one (Mr. Wellman and Mr. Martinez). Clearly, TSE needs real leadership. Because future challenges await. We are not in the final stages yet, we are already at the end. A situation that shouldn’t happen, this kind of situation is unfortunate. “
Noel Orellana, TSE Judge.

Judge Dora Martinez de Barahona, who heads the TSE, was nominated by the Gran Arianza Pol la Unidad Nacional (Gana) party, which won the most votes in the 2019 presidential election.

The official also said that while there may be “differences in standards” at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, “we cannot ignore the fact that there are sectors interested in preventing this process from proceeding as it should.” affirmed. I didn’t go into detail about what these sectors of interest would look like.

Ms Orellana said it was the least appropriate statement on Twitter because “dirty clothes are washed in bags”.

As we famously say in Caro, ‘wash dirty clothes at home’, this should not have left the realm of the establishment. When my father says he will forgive us, I feel with a clear conscience that my sins and circumstances do not require someone to intervene on my behalf.
Noel Orellana, TSE Judge.

Last week, another Tokyo Stock Exchange judge, Guillermo Wellman, argued that there had been “unanimous and sterile discussions” and a lack of decisions at the meeting on electronic voting, telling the judge “no personal agenda.” I called attention to “beginning.” Mr Wellman noted that the decisions of Justices Dora de Barahona and Rubén Meléndez are lacking.

June 3rd is the last day for contract companies and TSE to prepare two electronic voting systems. One is a remote system used by Salvadorans residing abroad and the other is a face-to-face system used by Salvadorans residing abroad. Overseas, overseas, but the document address must be in El Salvador. Remote voting will begin on his January 6th, 2024.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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