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Bukele Says Arena and FMLN ‘Consume Unions’, Leaders Dismiss, Allows Talks with Organizations



Alina and FMLN MPs at the plenary session on May 16, 2023.  / Gabriel Aquino.

Alina and FMLN MPs at the plenary session on May 16, 2023. / Gabriel Aquino.

Leaders of Arena and the FMLN ruled out an electoral coalition for a single presidential candidate after Republican President Naive Bukele vowed that the two parties would complete a “coalition” by 2024.

In a press release, the FMLN’s Political Commission (CP) had a “pledge” to “not form a coalition with the Nuevas Ideas and Gana y Arena”, stating that “no governing body will form a coalition with extreme parties.” We have not mandated or approved any agreements.” Because it is “against” the “left-wing identity”.

But the statement indicated it was open to “constructive dialogue with democratic sectors, organizations, social and popular movements” to “fight the strengthening of authoritarian and anti-democratic regimes”. .

Diario El Mundo told FMLN CP member Ángel Monje today: “It is possible that the FMLN, in line with other parties, including Arena, will support the civil candidacy to carry the flag of Nuestro Tiempo. Will you?” he insisted. The answer was “We will not enter into a coalition, alliance, or pact with NI, GANA, or ARENA.”

In an interview with El Mundo, Monju said the FMLN was in talks with Nuestro Tiempo, Vamos and PAÍS about a possible alliance or coalition over the presidential candidate.

Jaime Guevara, a member of the FMLN CP, told El Mundo that there was a “project aimed at a single candidacy” but that “all parties except the FMLN are participating.”


The controversy started with Publication of the report by El Faro This speaks to opposition parties and civil society trying to secure a near-single presidential candidate.

El Faro said that this single candidate would be registered under the banner of Nuestro Tiempo and that “the top leaders of the Arena, FMLN, Nuestro Tiempo and Vamos” would nominate the single candidate for themselves. It was reported that he had promised to “accept” it as his own. He is citing Luis Parada as president and Celia Merano as vice-president. The publication says that the FMLN leadership did not attend the first meeting, but that the FMLN secretariat “is included in the agreement”.

This morning, both Arena and FMLN leaders confirmed talks with civil society, but again ruled out the possibility.

Carlos García Saad, president of the Arena National Executive Council, said on Twitter, “Already stated that Arena would never enter into an alliance or partnership with FMLN,” he said in an interview with Diario El Mundo. , acknowledged that they have no intention of affiliating or forming a coalition with FMLN. We are consulting with civil society groups to explore alternatives in the presidential election.

On Tuesday, Diario El Mundo asked Arena president whether he supported a candidate backed by the FMLN, making it clear that it was not a coalition but a coincidence of support for a particular candidate. . As of noon today, he still has not responded.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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