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Wellman’s re-election: ‘I can’t advance the criteria as a referee’



Guillermo Wellman, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Guillermo Wellman, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Judge Guillermo Wellman reiterated on Tuesday that republican President Naïve Boucle cannot advance the criteria for re-election chances for the immediate term, or five years. The period is He 2024 to He 2029.

“I cannot comment as an electoral arbitrator until I see concrete demands. As there are currently no demands, I cannot proceed with the criteria,” the magistrate replied in person to the Salvadolenha Telegraph Authority. Bukele has expressed interest in running again on September 15, 2022.

Wellman has said in the past that the Constitutional Council’s resolutions have been “rigorously complied with”.

“The president of the republic could have said it, but if you haven’t seen it specifically, you can’t give him an opinion,” Wellman said.

On September 3, 2021, the Constitutional Council, elected by the Legislative Assembly on May 1, 2021, decided that the possibility of immediate re-election of the president was allowed “once only” and that the promotion of presidential re-election was illegal. . There is no public support.

According to the Chamber’s resolution, presidential change included in the constitution of the republic refers to the popularity or non-popularity of the president, the conduct of regular elections and the determination of the “sovereign”. “If you try to abolish the electoral stage, deprive the people of their right to decide who they want to represent, and allow the president to remain in office indefinitely without the people being able to influence the election, that is a violation. will be,” argues the Sept. 3 House resolution.

After this resolution, the TSE issued a statement to abide by the ruling. Judge Noel Orellana has said several times that TSE respects the resolutions of the Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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