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Arena and FMLN abandon coalition, allow dialogue with sectors to ‘stop dictatorship’



Alina MPs and FMLN MPs usually vote against the Nuevas Idea.

Alina MPs and FMLN MPs usually vote against the Nuevas Idea.

Arena and FMLN leaders on Tuesday ruled out the possibility of the two parties forming a coalition, alliance or pact to support a single presidential candidate in 2024, but the parties will either “save democracy” or Or he said he was consulting with civil society groups to block democracy. The “dictatorship” of El Salvador.

“We are in the greatest mood to ally with society, and it would be great if other parties also join. If FMLN joins, obviously we cannot,” said the Arena National Executive Council (Coena). ), chairman Carlos García Saad, told Diario El Mundo on Tuesday.

He added that since the FMLN is a party with a different ideology, it cannot support a candidate that the FMLN also supports.

FMLN general secretary Oscar Ortiz also denied a coalition with Arena, which is banned at national competitions.

We cannot endorse the candidacy of any person or organization that FMLN also supports. ” Carlos Garcia Saad, President of Coena Arena


Both parties recognized that they maintain a dialogue with social and popular organizations to save democracy in El Salvador or prevent possible dictatorship.

Ortiz said he would continue to consult with the public “to see what conditions exist for us to embark on the path of alliance and cooperation”.

Garcia Saad further closed that possibility. He even revealed that Arena recently decided to raise his flag in a possible coalition. “I have seen some polls and our flag is in a good position with public support. did,” he reported.

But another FMLN leader, Ángel Monge, made more emphasis than Ortiz, as he did not mention the terms of the alliance or coalition. He categorically denied it and said that in the future “there will be no coalition, no alliance, no pact in the Nuevas Ideas, Gana y Arena”.

The FMLN has clarified alliance and coalition policy. There is no possibility of a coalition in official political parties, Gana and Arena. ” Oscar Ortiz, FMLN Secretary General

But the Nuestro Tiempo party, which abandoned the Arena and FMLN coalition because of the damage to the flag, stresses the need for a wider coalition to counter the “authoritarianism” of the current government. “Our responsibility to the country goes beyond any political party,” he said. Camón, who did not respond to Nuestro Tiempo about a possible coalition, made it clear that he did not agree to work with him in the run-up to the presidential election. “I have always said the priority is to change the correlation in Congress,” he insisted.

The last day to apply for association registration is August 7, 2023.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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