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$15.3 million for armored vehicles, libraries, internet and more



Pro-government lawmakers approved budget reforms regarding the allocation of funds to various agencies and ministries.

Pro-government lawmakers approved budget reforms regarding the allocation of funds to various agencies and ministries.

The Legislative Assembly has approved eight reforms to the 2023 Budget Act allocating $15,387,492 to the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Rural Development, Office of Presidential Innovation and other agencies.

A total of $3.6 million will be transferred from the Treasury Department to the Department of Defense for the purchase of armored tactical vehicles to be used by the military for territorial control planning activities.

The government argued that budget allocations to the Ministry of Defense were “insufficient” and needed “urgently” to cover the payment obligations of the 2022 10 BC contract for the supply of Level III Armored Tactical Vehicles (Hurricanes). Nuevas Ideas and its allies approved with 65 votes, while Arena, FMLN, Vamos and Nuestro Tiempo voted against.

Internet: Criticizing food shortages.
A $3.5 million contribution from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to the Social Digital Connectivity Program has been incorporated into the President of the Republic’s budget to increase access to fixed and mobile internet broadband, implemented by the Innovation Secretariat. It was approved by 72 votes from Nuevas Ideas and his ally Vamos, as well as seven Arena deputies.

FMLN Deputy MP Marleni Funes criticized the fact that schools do not have complete food packages. “Digital connectivity is important, but when you’re starving, you don’t get knowledge. he said.

Vamos’ Claudia Ortiz commented that it was “positive to bet on digital and social connectivity” but called for addressing resource and food priorities in schools. Alexia Rivas of Nuevas Ideas said, “Our government has provided tablets and computers to her 2.1 million students in the public sector, including internet connectivity, to enhance the educational process. It’s purpose,” he said.

For the National Theater and Library.

A vote of 61 votes approved $2.7 million for the Ministry of Culture, of which $1.2 million will go toward the renovation of the National Theater and the National Palace. $898,148 for the Banda El Salvador opening on September 15 next year and $576,371 for the operation of the new National Library, whose building is under construction with Chinese help.

According to the project, the funds set aside for the culture come from income tax “excess” income over estimates due in the first quarter of 2023.

The reform bill was approved by 75 votes, channeling $2,290,131 from its own funds to the Salvador Institute of Teacher Welfare (ISBM) to purchase land in San Salvador to build a teachers’ hospital to provide secondary health care services. It was decided.

The Ministry of Local Development’s budget was also revised, with $814,220 allocated for the operation of the National General Council for the Elderly (Konaipam).

Funds for business entities

The Legislative Assembly has authorized various agencies to incorporate their own resources, special contributions, and resources from previous allocations.

With 76 votes, approved a donation of $1 million to the Institute for Veterans and Ex-Combatants Welfare and Social Services Administration.

2.- Cup of Excellence
With 74 votes, $233,658 was approved by the El Salvador Coffee Council to fund the “Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2023” contest.

3.- Start operation
63 votes passed the special budget appropriation.
National Electric Transmission Entity (ENTE) at $1,232,964.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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