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Opposition questions purchasing process for armored vehicles



Opposition lawmakers questioned the defense ministry’s initial non-budgetary procedure for purchasing armored vehicles.

There is an “urgent” need to allocate $3.6 million to national defense and cover the payment obligations of the armored vehicle supply contract due in 2022, according to a budget reform initiative approved by the legislative assembly yesterday.

John Wright Sol of Nuestro Tiempo said: “Given that there are also established procedures for public purchases that are clearly not mandated by law, the illicit behavior on this issue becomes even more serious.” .

FMLN’s Anabel Bellosso argued that the government ignored requirements for “due process” and transparent purchasing processes and free competition. “The justification for this reform call is that it didn’t exist, the resources were inadequate, and the discussion was ineffective,” she said.

Arena’s Rene Portillo Cuadra criticized the government for suggesting that it would see an improvement in income, saying: “So there is no money to buy armored vehicles, even though the government itself says there is money left. I can’t say now that I didn’t,” he criticized. It’s over,” he said.

Vamos’ Claudia Ortiz said it was an example of “the rules we have to follow are broken again and again”.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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