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Judge Orellana: TSE needs real leadership on election



Noel Orellana, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Noel Orellana, Judge of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Judge Noel Orellana said yesterday that to be questioned about the differences between the judges in a contract with a company to develop and implement an electronic voting system for El Salvadorans abroad, “the TSE must needs real leadership,” he said.

“Obviously the TSE needs real leadership because the challenges ahead are not yet in the final stages and they are already facing situations that should not have happened. This kind of situation is unfortunate.” he said on the show. As they are”.

On Monday, two judges chose to uphold the hiring of the consortium recommended by the head of the Information Services Division (USI), with two not voting and one abstaining from the vote.

Due to indecision, Wendy Clavijo, Executive Director of New Ideas for Salvadorans Abroad, asks Dora Martinez de Barahona, president of TSE, about the alleged interest in hiring the Spanish company Indra. But the TSE president insisted she wanted it. “Not 5” so the transparency is reversed. The budget for overseas voting reaches $58.9 million.

Orellana said he would follow the new offer if there was another company that would meet the criteria, but said no offer had been made.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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