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Nuestro Tiempo will announce in the next few hours if an agreement is reached to run for the opposition presidential election.



Andy Faylor, President of Our Time.  / Y. Magana.

Andy Faylor, President of Our Time. / Y. Magana.

Nuestro Tiempo president Andy Faylor says talks are underway on a possible presidential model proposed by civil society groups, which could win the support of the opposition in rejecting “authoritarianism” and re-electing the president. repeated.

Some more than others that talks are taking place and willingness to submit joint proposals. “
Andy Faylor, President of Our Time.

Opposition leaders pointed out that the protagonists of this approach are “civil society” who have been in dialogue “not with political parties, but with democratic opposition parties against presidential re-election.”

A decision will be made in the next few hours, but nothing has been decided. “It depends on what civil society organizations offer,” he said.

There are many possible permutations, he said. From multi-party coalitions, through coalitions between political parties and civil society organizations, through coalitions without coalitions of political parties or organizations. Following the publication of El Faro newspaper, Arena and FMLN mutually ruled out the possibility of a coalition, partnership or agreement for the 2024 elections, with Arena president Carlos García Saad confirming the possibility of a coalition with other political parties. He even guaranteed that he would not give up his flag on sex.

Failer confirmed that Luis Parada and Celia Medrano are being considered as candidates for president and vice president of the republic. However, he said he would like to hear from civil society groups.

This week, Rubén Zamora, a member of Resistencia, a civil society group that maintains the dialogue, admitted that political parties are asking to find a candidate because “the party cannot find one.” . However, no candidate has been selected yet, she added.

It’s too early to make any assessments that lead to these two names, but I would like to hear the views of civil society representatives. To me, these two are very precious and very brave names.
Andy Faylor, President of Our Time.

The key date is May 31, the last date set by Nuestro Tiempo to register preliminary candidates for President of the Republic and other offices. If an agreement is reached, the applicant will be able to register with Nuestro Tiempo and participate in the party’s internal elections on 2 July.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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