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Who is the Commissioner of Rights, and what duties did Bukele assign to him by statute?



The Presidential House reported the appointment on May 24.

The Presidential House reported the appointment on May 24.

Colombian Andrés Alberto Guzmán Caballero, recently appointed to the President’s Commissioner for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, will be a computer expert with experience working with computer crime, digital evidence and forensic tools. .

His LinkedIn profile states that he specializes in human rights on the internet, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, high-tech crime, technical and legal aspects of blockchain, personal data protection, technical testing, information security, computer law, and cybercrime. says.

One of his mandates as secretary is to “improve connectivity and access to digital technology to ensure full cybersecurity so that all citizens can exercise their human rights and freedom of expression online.” Proposing and supporting projects. , according to the decree creating the position issued by President Nayb Bukre on May 19, 2023.

If he does his job and does what he is supposed to do, he will no doubt be removed from office because it seems that all the government wants is to wash his face. ” Annabelle Bellosso, FMLN Vice-President


From January 2006 to September 2022, Guzman Caballero served as a senior executive at Adalid Corp, a provider of high-tech legal, information security and forensic services.

From October 2022 to April 2023, she acted as a rights and freedom of expression attorney in virtual environments for the Office of the Columbia Ombudsman.

According to the May 12, 2023 issue of Cambio magazine, Guzmán was accused by the syndicate of espionage when Adalid was hired by the Office of the Colombian Ombudsman to set up a “Digital Evidence Forensics Laboratory.” After that, I got the job.

Please continue the dialogue.

To establish this position, the government advocated the recommendations of human rights groups.

“There is a need to follow up on the implementation of recommendations to El Salvador by treaty bodies to which El Salvador is a party and by international human rights bodies competent in this regard, and to maintain an ongoing dialogue with El Salvador on this issue. the international community,” the executive order said.

One of its responsibilities would be to “maintain permanent communication with the international community on human rights issues in order to project progress internationally.”

The first organization to protect the rights of the people from state abuse is the Constitutional Council, but we do not have a Constitutional Council. it was adopted. ” Claudia Ortiz, President of Vamos

critical opposition.

Opposition lawmakers have called the appointment hypocritical and criticized the fact that he is a foreigner. “It is ironic and even hypocritical that journalists are violated on the same day,” said Anabel Bellosso of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Claudia Ortiz, from Vamos, said: “Until we have a lawful, independent, and constitutional parliament that does not yield to power, let’s talk about the Commissioner for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression.” In the meantime, don’t fuss over nothing. “

Nuestro Tiempo Deputy Councilor John Wright Sol said, “I am an expert on human rights and someone who knows the realities of our country, and I believe that under the current circumstances, taking on the position would be considered very seriously. I am,” he commented.

advice and adjustments.

Another role of the Director-General, by decree, is to “coordinate and clarify ‘necessary’ actions by the Executive Branch with the Legislative Assembly, the Judicial Branch, public ministries, self-government bodies and local governments in relation to promotion, dissemination and protection.” be. It guarantees not only freedom of expression, but also the right to rights.

This decree leaves the possibility of having to follow other duties “assigned” by the President of the Republic or “assigned” by other regulatory bodies.

3 facts you should know

1.- Digital environment

One of its roles is to articulate administrations, programs and actions on human rights and freedom of expression, with a focus on the digital environment.

2.- Other features
In addition, they must also comply with other duties assigned by the President of the Republic or given by other regulatory bodies.

3.- Advising Governments
On policies, laws and regulations related to artificial intelligence and digital identity, including human rights.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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