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Our time: ‘Nothing is written in stone’ on the 2024 opposition letter



Andy Failor, leader of the political party Nuestro Tiempo, confirmed talks were underway for an immediate re-election and a joint candidacy for the presidency of the Republic, representing an opposition party that rejects “authoritarianism”.

Civil society groups have yet to inform the political parties of their agreement on their proposed presidential formula. “The next few days are extremely important, but nothing has been decided,” the political leader said.

The deadline for the agreement is May 31 next year, the last day for Nuestro Tiempo to register applicants on its electoral rolls and submit them to internal elections. The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) can only register candidates elected by direct secret ballot of party members.

I don’t know if there is any intention of presenting more joint proposals that translate into a single formula than other proposals. ” Andy Faylor, Our Time President

multiple possibilities.

After El Faro announced the possibility of a single independent candidate, Arena and FMLN more strongly ruled out the possibility of a coalition, a pact, an alliance, a pact. Arena president Carlos García Saad has denied even removing the Arena flag in a coalition government.

Failor interpreted this refusal as a message to his base. “They have spoken with every right they have to their base. I don’t think it will take hold and turn the tide on a potential deal. They have shown maturity,” he said. Told.

He calculated that a decision could be taken over the weekend, with multiple ranges of possibilities, ranging from multi-party coalitions to coalitions of political parties and civil society groups, to coalitions of political parties and organizations. Until it goes through an unaccompanied union.

The most binding agreement for each political party is a coalition government, which includes submission to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) on the flag, the distribution of the political debt, and the corresponding position if one of the first three is achieved. It is necessary to negotiate the proposals that must be made. place.in the president

The deadline for parties to apply for joint registration with TSE is until August 7, 2023 and cannot be extended.

(For the NT coalition proposal) there needs to be a general discussion, there needs to be consensus within the party, and any decision is made publicly. ” Cecia Rivas, State Women’s Secretary of Vamos

NT is not supported yet.

Cecia Rivas, state secretary for women in Vamos state, declared yesterday that Nuestro Tiempo’s coalition proposal with Vamos had “provoked a total debate” within the party.

I indicated the policy to publish.

The political party Vamos did not hold internal elections to select the presidential candidate of the republic.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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