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Political parties appoint ‘liaisons’ with Supreme Electoral Court



The Supreme Electoral Court obtained the names of contacts with each political party.

The Supreme Electoral Court obtained the names of contacts with each political party.

The 12 political parties have sent the names of their liaison officers saying they need to contact the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) in view of the 2024 presidential, vice presidential, vice presidential and mayoral elections.

The term of appointment of officers will end on May 30 according to the election calendar set by TSE.

The Salvadoran Independence Party (PAIS) would have been the only party that did not disclose the name of the contact person. Controversy continues over the leadership of the party. In October, the TSE declared that Rogelio Garcia’s temporary departure from PAIS, where he is general secretary, was unacceptable. But he refused to ignore PAIS’s National Electoral Commission (CEN). This authority was elected in a session not convened by Garcia, and its legitimacy is questioned by Garcia.

some of those named

Each party has an owner and an alternate link.

Some of the appointed persons are: Ernesto Claver was appointed by the Fuerza Solidaria party. Nelson de la Cruz Alvarado of the Christian Democratic Party (PDC). Carlos Murillo of the National Concerto Party (PCN). Sarah Mejia of the Grand Alliance for National Unity (Ghana) Party. Wilmer Orellana of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) Party.

Political institutions also have the right to permanently monitor the election process and voter register verification through the Election Observation Commission (JVE).


The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) plans to meet with registered political parties. There are 13 registered political parties that can participate in the 2024 elections.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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