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Unions demand better pensions, reform of investment securities law



Trade unions and private sector workers in the education, health, justice and security sectors slogan reforms to improve pensions and to make public pension funds more transparent for private sector workers. I held it up and marched towards the presidential palace. .

One of the main requirements is the transparency of the use of pension funds used for issuing investment certificates by the government.

This kind of battle we are fighting is for a permanent and self-sufficient pension system. This is because it will soon collapse. Because the government is withdrawing money from pension funds when it wants and when it needs it. any control”.
Marvin Reyes
PNC labor movement secretary general.

The unionist said the government, along with the El Salvador Pension Institute (ISP), has entered into an agreement “under the table” with the Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) to exclude workers.

He added that the public and private labor sectors were too reluctant, while the government used pension funds to protect outstanding payments with banks and international organizations.

“The pension issue is a sensitive issue, a matter of national importance, and of great concern. I am obligated to make a claim.”
Marvin Reyes highlighted

The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, whose union members in the fields of education, health, justice and security, have submitted a proposal to the Legislative Assembly to amend a special law on the issuance of social security debt certificates and the dissolution of interim debt trusts. .

In this proposal, trade unionists also rejected a four-year grace period for transition certificates. The proposal aims to define the terms of annuity certificates and pay interest and capital credit.

“The answer they gave us was that we would not vote in favor of reforming the law on certificates issued by AFP to generate debt. And what we are proposing is that this law would require the government to amend what it negotiated with ISPs and AFP so that it would not pay out the $8.3 million it had already received from the pension fund. Yes,” explained the trade unionist.

Representatives of the trade union movement entered the presidential palace.

Representatives of the trade union movement entered the presidential palace.

According to Jorge, officials from the Public Education Teachers Union of El Salvador (Simeduco) and the district officials demanded an adequate pension and a review of teachers’ salaries every three years, as stipulated in Article 33 of the Teaching Profession Law, according to Alberto.・Professor Villegas, Secretary General of the Education Center.

Simeduco Organization Director Francisco Zelada claimed that he took part in the march to demand compliance with Article 33 of the Teaching Profession Law on teacher salary revisions.

Members of various production branches participated in this march, called the “black government march.”

“What we want is for them to provide us with a decent retirement and pension,” says march participant Donald Mendes.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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