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BRP holds protest rally in Bukele’s fourth year in office



BRP members who attended the meeting this morning.  / Susana Penate.

BRP members who attended the meeting this morning. / Susana Penate.

The People’s Federation of Resistencia y Reberdia (BRP) will hold a rally this Sunday, May 28, 2023, to protest the fourth year of Naib Bukele’s government.

The activity, which will take place at 8:00 am in Cuscatlan Park, will expose the negative reactions to policies implemented by the current government, such as the exception system, pension reform, and the impact on households.

The BRP denies the condition of issuing a Debt Transfer Financing Certificate (CFT) to the Pension Fund, on which the government is granted a four-year moratorium on interest and capital amortization.

This is a big blow to donors, because when people retire, unpaid balances don’t generate income and the money in their accounts goes down. We are facing massive public fraud, fraud and robbery. ”
Sonia Urrutia BRP member.

They also criticize the El Salvador Pension Institute (ISP) for seven years withholding information about funds invested in pension liability instruments.

Another aspect the BRP denounces is the government’s “authoritarian” character. They oppose the dismissal of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) Constitutional Judges, Attorney General in 2021, and the validity of the exception system for more than a year.

Since the inauguration of this government, we have suffered a series of institutional deteriorations in the El Salvadoran nation. An illegal decision to announce a second term candidacy, all these factors constitute the authoritarian and corrupt character of this government. ”
Maricela Ramirez, from BRP.

In the economic case, they point to the increased cost of basic food baskets. “This means that people need an extra $100 to cover their minimum or basic needs, and in this sense the government has a crucial role to play in mitigating the economic crisis we are currently experiencing. I haven’t done it,” he said.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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