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Teachers Condemn People Who Infiltrated During Kapur March



Teachers denounced the presence of those who infiltrated during the “black march” towards the presidential palace this Friday morning, Radio YSUCA shared through a video on social networks.

The teachers said the suspected infiltrators put up the posters against the purpose of unionists’ demands.

“Hey, what’s wrong with them?” can be heard in part of the video, where demonstrators approach the alleged intruder group and other trade union activist groups call them “for rights.” We are fighting against.” One of the posters read, “Are you a communist? Then let’s organize.”

This Friday morning, workers in the education, health, justice and security unions and the private sector joined the President under the slogan of better pensions and reforms that would give more clarity to the use of the pension funds listed by workers in both countries. marched to the government. private and public sectors.

One of the main requirements is the transparency of the use of pension funds used for issuing investment certificates by the government.



Source: Diario Elmundo

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