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Human Rights Commissioners said they would not deprive PDDH of its function



Andrés Alberto Guzman Caballero

Andrés Alberto Guzman Caballero

Presidential Secretary for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression Andrés Alberto Guzmán Caballero, who was appointed by President Naïve Bukele, said on Friday that he would “accompany” any allegations of human rights violations and “do whatever is necessary from the government.” He said he would provide support. “Usprize” the functions of the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman (PDDH).

Guzmán Caballero, a Colombian national, revealed that he has already worked “for the last few years” as a consultant to the government of El Salvador and “several governments”, although he did not specify which government, he said, “the data protection or preparation of invoices in areas such as coordination of regulatory analysis. He asserted that he had met Bukele for “more than a year” and had offered him the job “a few months ago” after giving a lecture on artificial intelligence, human rights and freedom of expression.

A new official said, Interview with Colombian radio station W Radio and FM radio.

In these interviews, he analyzed the “situation” in El Savior and called for a “great ear” or “giant ear” in the human rights field under an emergency regime to “provide solutions to existing human rights violations.” He explained the role of the ear as a creation. .

“The aim is to conduct an analysis, not to deprive the bodies that are playing a role here, such as the Human Rights Ombudsman,” he said.

His job, he said, was to “analyze the context, specific and general circumstances” and “set up a process of social restructuring” and “work with other state agencies so that each case could be scrutinized.” “Whatever happens in prison, he defined himself as a ‘connection’ between various organizations, both national and international, and promised to work on ‘reconciliation issues.’

He emphasized El Salvador’s digitization and bitcoin as a legal tender, adding that it would also address “issues in the digital environment.”

All Salvadorans, detained or not, have human rights, and we want to give them a special focus.
Andrés Alberto Guzman Caballero, Secretary for Human Rights and Freedom of Expression, El Salvador.

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Guzmán Caballero has revealed that he is already researching the El Faro case. Headquarters moved to Costa Rica He said he condemned the harassment and attacks on press freedom. “Actually, I am analyzing that case and all cases that exist. I understand there are tax lawsuits, but I am analyzing all cases that exist to remedy the situation.. .I have a specific complaint, the idea is to be able to observe them, analyze them, and bring everything to a successful conclusion without depriving the field, here is the public prosecutor’s office and the judges.” He said. He added that if there were any violations, it would check to see if the damages “if any” could be “remedied.”

“I am not aware of any regulations that punish freedom of expression. Not a single person has been detained in El Salvador for press freedom issues. There are laws that punish, and the same thing happens in El Salvador, “every country in the world,” he said, defending the situation of freedom of expression in El Salvador.

The official said his position was “technical” and not political. He denied that his appointment was related to the conflict between President Bukele and Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro, nor did he believe it was a “message” to the Colombian president. “I don’t know of any political issues between the two,” he said.

Mr. Guzmán Caballero held the position of President of the Office of the Colombian Ombudsman, Defending Rights and Freedom of Expression in Virtual Environments.was sworn Carlos Camargo, Ombudsman of Colombia, November 2022.

Truth be told, it is the movement and passion he has for El Salvador, given that it is a nation with a different history of domestic violence, El Salvador today is a different country, right to work, democracy. think. .
Andrés Guzmán, Human Rights Commissioner of El Salvador.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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