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‘Chino’ Flores: ‘This country’s alternative is called FMLN’



Manuel El “Chino” Flores, currently the presidential candidate of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front, said the party is seeking alliances with those who know the alternative in El Salvador is called the FMLN. He said the process was underway this Saturday. Registered as a preliminary candidate along with his deputy candidate Werner Marroquin.

An alliance with the people that we seek, an alliance with the people who know that the alternative for this country is called FMLN. “
Manuel Flores
FMLN presidential candidate.

Mr Flores has previously said that the Front is not just a party that fights for elections, but that the party is part of the history of the nation.

“The FMLN is not a political party that fights only elections. It is the history of this nation against military dictatorships… And now that we have registered and the election process is over, we will have a wide range of activities. “An alliance with the social sector, the masses and trade unions,” he added at a press conference this Saturday morning.

Former FMLN Deputy MPs Manuel El “Chino” Flores and Werner Marroquín were registered as primary candidates to run for president and vice president this Saturday morning.

Flores said he did not consider forming a coalition with the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena), the National Unity Grand Alliance (Ghana) and the New Thought Party (NI).

Source: Diario Elmundo

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