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Luis Parada evaluates civil society candidacy



Lawyer Luis Parada, who specializes in international arbitration, today did not rule out the possibility of accepting candidatures proposed by civil society groups to the opposition this weekend.

Asked by Diario El Mundo whether to accept the presidential candidate or to register as the Nuestro Tiempo party’s presidential candidate, the Salvadoran-American lawyer said, “We are still evaluating civil society proposals.” answered.

This morning, a veteran took to Twitter alluding to the Nuestro Tiempo inscription. It’s our time. All Salvadorian times. “

Parada also responded to a statement by Nuestro Tiempo chairman Andy Failer, saying that “civil society”, not political parties, would be the protagonists of the dialogue seeking alternatives to presidents who oppose re-election.

Luis Reyes, a Washington-based businessman and founder of the Nuevas Idea movement and political party, wrote on Twitter that Parada is a proud Salvadoran.

Parada is one of the lawyers who won an arbitration in favor of El Salvador against the Pacific Rim and Oceana Gold Mining Company. I studied International Law and Government at Georgetown University and studied International Relations at the United States Military Academy.

Parada said President Naive Bukele has demonstrated an authoritarian mandate since February 9, 2020. “He is trying to centralize political power at the expense of the constitutional separation of powers order, thus politicizing the military and the state again,” he said in an online interview with Diario El Mundo. , described the declining credibility of the peace agreement by the current government.

The Nuestro Tiempo Party is participating in discussions with civil society groups and political parties to explore alternatives to de facto immediate presidential re-election.

However, after President Naib Bukele declared the union of the two parties, the Alianza Republicna Nacionalista (Arena) and the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) pushed each other out more forcefully, leading to a stand-alone The candidacy became even more complicated. Both were already completed.

Consultations with El Mundo, FMLN leader Ángel Monju and Arena National Executive Council (Coena) President Carlos García Saad ruled out any coalition, alliance, pact or agreement between the two parties. Revealed a meeting with Our Time.

Last Thursday, Nuestro Tiempo president Andy Failor confirmed the opposition’s approach to all parties based on a common presidential candidate, but only a common candidacy or a group of parties and organizations that participated in the talks. announced that he is a candidate to Faylor insisted that the organization was the main actor in these talks.

The deadline for registering candidates for the 2024 elections of the Nuestro Tiempo Party ends on May 31.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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