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Nuevas Ideas advocates change of representation in parliaments and councils



Nuevas Ideas believes the seating allocation system could be overhauled.

Nuevas Ideas believes the seating allocation system could be overhauled.

Deputy MP Jorge Castro of Nuevas Ideas believes that with the reduction in the number of parliamentarians and municipalities, minority party representation in both the legislative and municipal assemblies will need to be adjusted.

President Naive Bukele’s initiative to reduce the number of municipalities to 44 and the number of members of the Legislative Assembly to 60 has the support of Nuevas Ideas, allowing some members to review the method of allocating seats and deputies. I’m looking at it.

“The government is plural. What does that mean? Here in Congress, we represent the majority and the minority, but I think the Remain ceremony is wrong,” Castro said. .

The proposal was formally submitted to the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.

Pluralism in the majority-minority debate, the minority needs to be represented, but not to the extent it is currently represented. ” Jorge Castro, Lieutenant for New Ideas

change the percentage.

For parliamentarians, it is necessary to change the proportion of minority representation. “I believe there is a need for pluralism in the majority-minority debate, that is, the minority to be represented, but not the proportion that is currently represented. It violates things,” he said.

As an example, Castro said that in the last parliamentary election, there was a candidate from the Nuevas Ideas who, due to the system of quotients and remainders, was unable to become an MP even though he received more votes than other candidates. It pointed out.

“For example, in Santa Ana, a candidate from the Nuevas Ideas did not enter with 19,000 votes, while another did with 11,000 votes. What is the violation? said.

On the same subject, Deputy MP Raul Chamagua believes it is possible to overhaul the system. “As legislators, we have studied the proposals that exist for different formulas for quotients and remainders. We do operate, but you didn’t mention quotient and residue control, so it’s a possibility,” he said.

The truth is that it is possible. As parliamentarians, many of us have studied the proposals that exist for various formulas for quotients and remainders. ” Raul Chamagua, Lieutenant for New Ideas

Council Realignment.

Castro will also need to “realign” multiple city councils. Asked whether he should keep multiple parliaments or the winning party should have the whole parliament, he said: And if the people haven’t elected him mayor, why is he elected trustee? So it’s a mistake and definitely needs readjustment,” he said.

Current regulations allow the winning mayor to get a simple majority and a trustee. A small number of MPs will then be distributed to the party that submitted a “losing profit” or a “b”.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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