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US ambassador urges El Salvador to return to due process ‘as soon as possible’



U.S. Ambassador William Duncan said in a statement to television media. / US Embassy

U.S. Ambassador William Duncan said in a statement to television media. / US Embassy

U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador William Duncan on Tuesday called on the Salvadoran government to return to a state of normalcy that respects due process of law “as soon as possible” in its emergency regime. The recommendation was made on the same day that the Legislative Assembly approved the 18th extension of the emergency regime, one and a half years after it was applied.

The North American Ambassador was asked about concerns expressed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights about the excessive duration of the state of emergency. The diplomat reiterated that El Salvador’s emergency regime must follow due process of law.

“Well, I’ve always said the same thing, but we recognize the danger that gangs represent in Salvadoran society, that people are suffering because of them. So we need some action on the part of the government. There’s no question about that, but at the same time governments have a responsibility to respect due process of law, and that’s what’s needed right now in an emergency,” Duncan said. .

William Duncan then called for due process to be respected “as soon as possible”.

“So I want them to consolidate what they have gained in terms of public safety and return to normalcy as soon as possible following due process of law.”

Asked if he believed it was time for El Salvador’s state of emergency to end, the ambassador said: “I think the Salvadoran government is responsible for security, but I also think it has a responsibility to restore due process of law.” ” he repeated.

The ambassador made these remarks after participating in the delivery of equipment to the military and the Ilopango mayor’s office. To this end, he delivered two engines for the Armed Forces’ helicopters to Defense Minister René Merino Monroy, who requested the 18th emergency extension on Tuesday. Duncan said it was “an honor” to be a part of the birth. Additionally, medical equipment was delivered to a rehabilitation center managed by the Ilopango Mayor’s Office.

U.S. officials praised domestic security. Last June, the ambassador asserted that he had never met anyone who was dissatisfied with security in El Salvador, even those who were concerned about or critical of the government. But while he praised security, he also made it clear that due legal process was an “obligation” for the Salvadoran government and “not an option.”

Source: Diario Elmundo

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