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U.S. Ambassador’s September 15 message: “El Salvador’s people are what make it great.”



William Duncan, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador

William Duncan, U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador

US Ambassador William Duncan congratulated El Salvador on its 202nd anniversary of independence this Friday in a video clip.

The diplomat praised the Salvadoran people’s ability to overcome hardship and reiterated the support the United States continues to provide to the Salvadoran people.

“Through my stay here, I was able to understand that what truly makes El Salvador great is its people, their resilience, and their desire to move forward for future generations. ” Duncan praised.

In the same message posted on the U.S. Embassy’s X account, the head of delegation emphasized that “it is an honor for the United States to continue to support the growth and development of this great country.”

This is Ambassador Duncan’s second deployment to El Salvador, arriving on January 26th.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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