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Bukele calls on businessmen to work together to ‘fight poverty’



Nayib Boucle, President of El Salvador. Provided by: SDP

Nayib Boucle, President of El Salvador. Provided by: SDP

In a speech commemorating the 202nd anniversary of independence this Friday night, President Nayib Boucle said that El Salvador is celebrating “a new history that we write together,” and for the first time addressed the business community to celebrate El Salvador’s 202nd anniversary of independence. He called for support in the fight against the anniversary. There are multiple causes of poverty in this country.

“The Salvadoran state, private companies, universities, communities and other sectors of society must help and unite us in the fight against multi-cause poverty,” the President urged.

Bukele renewed his call for business leaders to support “integration” efforts as he implements the sixth stage of his territorial management plan, an ambitious pledge to curb insecurity and gang violence.

He also called on local and international donors and “friendly governments” to support the goal of phase six, called “integration.”

“We call on the private sector, local and international civil society organizations, and friendly governments to partner with us in this phase of integration,” the President said, adding that “many governments are committed to this vision of combating insecurity. I think he would agree with that.” And they will support us along the way.

Appearing on national television, El Salvador’s president said that the country is in a period of “rebirth” and that, unlike 200 years ago when liberation movements arose, the people now have new desires such as “better education, better health.” He claimed to be holding a Above all, the system, a solid economy.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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