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Bukele: “Insaforp is not going to disappear. We are going to renew it.”



Insaforp and Injuve will be disbanded on December 31st of this year, in accordance with the government's request. Now, Bukele said, Insaforp will not disappear.

Insaforp and Injuve will be disbanded on December 31st of this year, in accordance with the government’s request. Now, Bukele said, Insaforp will not disappear.

In a speech commemorating the 202nd anniversary of independence, President of the Republic Nayib Bukele announced that the Salvadoran Vocational Training School (Insaforp) would not be abolished, but would be “renewed” after his government introduced the bill. There, they tried to “fix it.”

Insaforp is not going to disappear, as some people wanted to believe for a few days. Rather, we intend to update it, improve the services they provide, expand their scope and optimize their resources,” Bukele announced the sixth stage of the Territorial Management Plan, “Consolidation”. said after.

The President vowed to streamline and increase professional and technical training in “new specialties and skills.” He added that society is looking for professions related to technology and “this is how we will focus on the new Insaforp.”

Bukele explained that of Insaforp’s current budget of $60 million, $12 will be used to renovate the institute.This is to improve optimization and maintain the system. ”

The remaining $30 million will fund the sixth phase of the territorial management plan, the National Integration Directorate, and the remaining $18 will go toward promoting the digitalization of the education system and “reducing the digital divide.”

The government requested dissolution

On August 30, Interior Minister Juan Carlos Videgain submitted a letter announcing the government’s intention to create a Consolidated Directorate and dissolve Insaforp. Chapter 8 of the Transitional and Final Regulations contemplated the dissolution of this institution and the National Youth Institute (Injuve). Both institutions are expected to remain in place until December 31st of this year.

Regarding this, Insaforp President Ricardo Montenegro expressed concern and said that jobs, programs and scholarships are at risk. The head of the agency warned about the possibility of using Insaforp’s resources for other needs of the state.

“If this law comes into effect, all the donations we receive will go to the Treasury, but the Treasury will only give 20% to the new agency. We will receive more or less 4 million a month. That leaves the Treasury with $3.2 million, which it spends only $800,000 a month, and when you add in the $40 million Insaforp has in reserve, that interest can be used for training and research projects. It seems that the aim is to take advantage of the resources of this institution that they have reserved for the government, but they will use it for the provisions of the Ministry of Finance,” Montenegro said in an interview with Diario El Mundo. Ta.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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