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NT and Arena candidates say CCR has not yet granted settlement



The Court of Accounts must issue the certificate

The Court of Accounts must issue the certificate “at the latest within 15 days” of the request, according to the Election Law.

The presidential candidates of Nuestro Tiempo and the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (Arena) have filed with Diario El Mundo to register their candidature as candidates for the highest electorate due to the failure of the Fiscal Court of the Republic (CCR) to submit a settlement proposal. It was declared that the submission of the document was delayed. Court (TSE). The legal deadline to register as a candidate ends on his Thursday, October 26th.

Luis Parada, Nuestro Tiempo’s presidential candidate, revealed to El Mundo that he has not requested registration with the highest electoral body because he is “still waiting for the solvency of the Court of Accounts.” He asserted that he requested it on August 12th. “It has been over a month and I was told it would take 12 to 15 days,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) presidential candidate Joel Sánchez also clarified to El Mundo that he has not received the certificate from the CCR “yet”, perhaps because “they have not yet received the certificate”. It’s probably because there isn’t.” “Court Directions on How to Issue Solvency.”

We are still waiting for the solvency of the Fiscal Court, but I requested it on August 12th. That is, more than a month has already passed, and the fiscal court was told that it will take 15 days. ”
Luis Parada
Nuestro Tiempo presidential candidate

They believe there is injustice.

Parada said he believes delays “could be irregular.” “It’s longer than the normal menstrual period (15 days) that I was told.”

He noted that there is still time to register, but warned that it is not possible to arrive at the TSE with an incomplete application.

Mr Sanchez also believed the delay was “unusual” as it was “a process that must be accelerated” and criticized the regulator for “not giving an explanation”.

Candidates must submit a complete registration application by October 26, according to the election calendar.

So far, only Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) presidential candidate Manuel Flores has requested registration.

The other four presidential candidates have not yet made public their reasons for not applying for registration.

They have not yet received instructions from the court on how to issue solvency. This is irregular because they have not accounted for it, even though it is a process that needs to be accelerated. ”
Joel Sanchez
arena presidential candidate

Ability to pay online.

CCR has published instructions on social networks for candidates for elected office to request solvency through the website ccres.info.

To use this system, interested parties must register. This includes entering your email address to authenticate your account, from which you must request the issuance of your “2024 Election Record.”

The Election Law stipulates that to register, a candidate must submit a birth certificate, a copy of a DUI certificate, a certificate of vote count records received in an internal election, ability to pay income tax and CCR settlement, a birth certificate of any person or It stipulates that a death certificate must be presented. Proof of parents, political party affiliation, sworn declaration that they have not been disqualified, and ability to pay alimony.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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