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Ethics court sanctions Dr. Otera for nepotism



The Government Ethics Tribunal (TEG) examines violations of government ethics laws ex officio or by complaint or notice.  /DEM.

The Government Ethics Tribunal (TEG) examines violations of government ethics laws ex officio or by complaint or notice. /DEM.

The Government Ethics Court (TEG) has sanctioned a national hospital specialist, “Dr.” Hector Antonio Hernández Flores,” from Morazán, Gotera, San Francisco, for employing his spouse as director of the hospital department.

The sanctions case was initiated by the TEG against Dr. Roberto Eliduc Flores Reyes, a specialist at a public network hospital, for employing his wife as head of the hospital department.

The resolution issued by the TEG states that “the acts attributed to Dr. Flores Reyes of intervening in the recruitment process of her spouse as a hospital nurse at the hospital in question are classified as a potential violation of ethical obligations. It is stipulated that “was done.”

For this reason, the court fined the doctor the equivalent of $1,460, four times the commercial and service sector minimum wage.


The Government Ethics Court initiated administrative sanctions proceedings against Dr. Flores Reyes after receiving a notice on the agency’s website of nepotism.
Evidence gathered in TEG’s investigation included a letter dated October 1, 2021, in which Dr. Flores Reyes asked the Minister of Health for permission to hire her spouse in a new position as “head nurse of the hospital unit.” It is included.

On February 15, 2022, the Deputy Director of the Department of Budget of the Department of the Treasury authorized Dr. Flores Reyes to employ his wife for personal services.

According to the resolution, the appointment will allow Flores Reyes’ spouse to choose a better salary between $629.71 and up to $2,865.54.

“It should be noted that the benefits that women gained were not only financial, but also curricular.In effect, in the position of “head nurse of the hospital unit,” she was given more duties and responsibilities. He had decision-making authority and officials in charge. That would not have been possible if she had not been promoted,” the court resolution states.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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