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Unions urge Bukele to keep his promise not to exclude Insaforp



Insaforp's resources, donated by employers, are used for job training.

Insaforp’s resources, donated by employers, are used for job training.

Two government-linked trade unions have “taken the word” of Republic President Nayib Boukre, who promised in his independence speech in September that specialized training institutions (Insaforp) would “not disappear, but rather be renewed.” 15.

“We have invited President Nayib Boukre to give his statement on the Insaforp issue. We hope that Article 36 of the project submitted to the Legislative Assembly will be removed; This means the institution ceases to exist,” said the Union of Construction Trade Unions (SUTC).

SUTC General Secretary Fredy Vázquez recalled that Article 36 of the draft National Law on National Integration “provides for the dissolution of the Institute.”

In an interview with El Mundo, union members reported that they are calling for “amendments” to the original plan presented by the Interior Ministry.

He argued that Insaforp “participates in training for the working class, and although some changes are necessary, it will not disappear because the workers need this valuable tool.”

The project was sent to the Legislative Assembly on August 28 by Minister of Interior and Territorial Development Juan Carlos Videgain at the request of President Bukele. The project proposes the creation of a National Integration Directorate and the dissolution of Insaforp and the National Youth Institute (Injuve).

Both SUTC and the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security Labor and Company Union (Setraisss) hope that the association will not be abolished and that its board will continue to be comprised of workers, employers and the government sector. The three-way relationship will continue.

“There is no legitimacy for the disappearance of Insaforp, and there is no legitimacy for the disappearance of the workers’ representatives in the council.In fact, we hope that they will take us into account in the discussion of the new law. “I hope that,” Avalos said.

Tripartite composition.

Union members are demanding that the Board of Directors of the Consolidated Directorate be tripartite. The project is comprised of government agencies consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Interior and Territorial Development.

On September 15, the President announced that Alejandro Gutman, who has been the head of the Forever Foundation, will lead the Integration Directorate.

On September 15, President Bukele announced that Insaforp would not be dissolved. / Presidency

On September 15, President Bukele announced that Insaforp would not be dissolved. / Presidency

“Money is important.”

The President detailed Insaforp’s resources and that of the $60 million per year, $12 million will be allocated to its operations and $30 million to the 6th stage territorial management plan and the new National Integration Directorate. $18 million to digitize the education system.

The SUTC Director-General said the problem was that the government needed resources. “The problem is a lack of funding, but there are other ways to meet the security needs of our people, such as special taxes on the profits of big companies and a review of the excessive burden on state salaries,” he said. Avalos added that “cutting Insaforp’s budget will not improve professional training,” rather the opposite is true. “That’s worrying,” he said.


Under the new Integrated Directorate project within Congress, all Insaforp resources will go directly to the Treasury.

Insaforp budget allocation announced by the President

1.- $60 million per year
> Current budget.

According to Insaforp Chairman Ricardo Montenegro, the institute invested $37 million in specialized training last year alone.

2.- $12 million per year
> New Insaforp.

President Nayib Bukele said this would “improve services, expand coverage and optimize resources” and create “new areas of expertise” that are in high demand.

3.- $30 million per year
> Directorate General for Territorial Management Planning and Integration.

Phase 6 of the Territorial Management Plan, about the new Integrated Directorate and the projects it will develop.

4.- $18 million per year
> Digitalization of the education system.

The president said the move would boost the digitalization of the education system and “reduce the digital divide that still exists,” without providing further details.

Source: Diario Elmundo

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