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They are preparing a project to give incentives to returning Salvadorans and remove “obstacles” to banking.



Legislative Assembly President Ernesto Castro said: "That's ridiculous" What Salvadorans Abroad Have "Obstacle" How to open a bank account in El Salvador.  / Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Assembly President Ernesto Castro called it “ridiculous” that there are “obstacles” for Salvadorans abroad to open bank accounts in El Salvador. / Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Council President Ernesto Castro announced today an initiative to provide tax benefits to Salvadorans returning from abroad, as well as one or more reforms to remove the perceived impediment to opening a bank account in El. announced that it is considering. Salvador.

Mr. Castro detailed to a group of journalists and communicators that he plans to announce the initiative this week or early next week after reviewing “the latest details.”

“We already have a draft, we discussed it yesterday, and we will probably submit it this week or early next week. This is an initiative of this Legislative Assembly, and our distant brethren can come anytime. “It’s meant to encourage people. There are a lot of people who are going to come back, invest or leave their homes and businesses behind,” he said.

According to Castro, the initiative would allow Salvadorans to “focus on the family” and “bring furniture, cars,” and goods to “come and settle in our country” with limitations and without “taxes.” It is an object.

The official said that “another thing” they are “looking at” is that “many Salvadoran compatriots are unable to open bank accounts in the country,” which is why they intend to approve the reforms. However, he did not go into details about specific regulations.

“Nonsense. I believe this is not the bank’s fault. These are the legal frameworks given to the banks and that is what we are going to reform from now on and so “So that the banks are not hindered by the law or the current law. We impose it on them.”

Castro said he intends to allow Salvadorans to form companies and open personal accounts “without any problems.”

Source: Diario Elmundo

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